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“Definitely Showing His Age With His Take”: Bob Arum Comparing Vasyl Lomachenko With Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather Receives Scathing Response From Boxing World

Devin Haney and Vasyl Lomachenko will clash on May 20th for the undisputed lightweight title. The two are top prospects of the lightweight division. And the fans await to see these two exchange jabs inside the boxing ring when they meet on fight night. There is no doubt in the fact that Lomachenko is the underdog going into this fight. And Haney does have the upper hand with his impeccable boxing resume. The reigning champion will be looking forward to adding another win to his resume. But the Ukrainian will leave no stone unturned to ensure he walks out as the next undisputed champion.

Veteran promoter Bob Arum recently made a bold remark about Lomachenko, comparing him to the boxing legend Muhammad Ali. And it seems his statement did not sit well with the boxing world, who did not hesitate to troll him for the same. In the press conference ahead of the fight, Bob Arum did not hesitate to show support for the Ukrainian professional boxer. And it is safe to say that he went a step ahead by comparing him to the late great Muhammad Ali.

In a SportsNation broadcast, the interviewer quoted Bob Arum as saying, “Lomachenko is the best technical fighter I have ever seen since the early Muhammad Ali.” To which Arum replied, “That’s correct.”

In the same interview, Arum heaped praises on Lomachenko and went on to list his achievements that would substantiate his previous claim. He said, “He won two Olympic gold medals, two amateur championships. “

Meanwhile, in a press conference video posted by AKHi TV, Arum says, “I knew that since he came with us out of the amateurs. Nobody that I know of had the amateur credentials that Vasyl Lomachenko had. And, he was able to take those skills and go into the professional ranks with great success.”


He further made a comparison between ‘Loma’ and Floyd Mayweather Jr.  in the SportsNation interview as well. He added, “He is a great defensive fighter. But, Floyd is a defensive fighter; he’ll throw enough punches to win the round. But, Lomachenko is an offensive weapon as well as a defensive fighter.”

The promoter further talked about Loma’s ability to look for weaknesses in his opponent in order to destroy him.

Ahead of the fight between the two, Haney has been trolling Lomachenko and is certain that he will send a statement throughout the boxing world. It will be interesting to see the outcome of this fight. But, fans did not go easy on Arum for his Lomachenko remarks.

Here’s what the fans had to say

One fan believes that Arum’s age is showing its effects on his behavior, as he wrote, “Arum definitely showing his age with this take 😂”

Another fan trolled Lomachenko and believes that the Ukrainian is not even in the same universe as the late heavyweight. He commented, “Lomo ain’t even in the same universe as Ali.”

A fan can’t believe Arum’s remark on Lomachenko as the Ukrainian lost to the Geroge Kombosos Jr. He commented, “Mans said a dude who lost to George Kambosos SON is good as ALI.”

Another fan believes that Loma’s resume says differently. He wrote, “The resume says otherwise.”

One user is unhappy with the remarks and believes that Loma’s name should not be taken in the same sentence as Ali’s. He commented, “That sh*t don’t even sound right, and his name shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence with Ali,”

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