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“Our intention was never to offend”: After Marvel Star Florence Pugh, Creed 3 Actor Michael B. Jordan Was Forced to Apologize for His Rum Brand That Disrespected Cultural Sensitivity

Michael B. Jordan launched a brand of rum and it raised a lot of controversies when it first came out. It is not new for celebrities to introduce their own brands from Rihanna with Fenti Beauty to Selena Gomez with Rare Beauty and Ryan Reynolds with Aviation Gin, they do not miss a chance to increase an already massive fan following. Similarly, Jordan also launched his rum.

Michael B. Jordan
Michael B. Jordan

J’ouvert created a lot of fire between the audience and celebrities alike. Nikki Minaj also took it upon herself to clear out any doubts the actor might have been having about what the name actually meant and stood for. That forced fans and everyone who learned of the news to stand up against the name of the brand and how it may have been offensive.

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Michael B. Jordan Agreed To Change The Name Of His Rum

Michael B. Jordan launched his rum in 2021 and before it could even create a proper market, the actor was forced to change the name. His brand was called J’ouvert and much to his surprise, the name meant far from what he had initially perceived it to be. Nikki Minaj took it upon herself to point out what may have been missed by the actor which also happened to be the origin of the name.

Michael B. Jordan

“I just wanna say on behalf of myself & my partners, our intention was never to offend or hurt a culture (we love & respect) & hoped to celebrate & shine a positive light on.”

Upon learning about what was done wrong and how J’ouvert stood against cultural appropriation, the actor immediately responded by saying that the name would be changed. He admitted to having missed out on the knowledge and how the name first came to be by apologizing profusely for him missing out on it. Jordan reverted by saying that the name will change, however, the audience will have to be patient for the process of name change can take some time.

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What Does J’ouvert Signify

Nikki Minaj understood that Michael B. Jordan may not have meant any harm while using the name nor would he have known about the deeper meaning it holds. J’ouvert refers to a carnival that happens every year in the Caribbean and first originated in Trinidad & Tobago.

Michael B Jordan
Michael B. Jordan

It was further cleared out how the word meant the breaking of dawn and goes back to the time when the Caribbeans were enslaved. The cultural significance of the word was explained properly to Jordan and hence he chose to change the name.

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