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“You don’t have to be here, you can go home”: Without Any Hesitation Robert De Niro Left Jennifer Lawrence’s Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

The decade between 2010 and 2020 saw the meteoric rise of Jennifer Lawrence as one of the most sought-after Hollywood stars of her generation. From Winter’s Bone to her last leading role in Red Sparrow before taking a personal break to embrace motherhood, Lawrence impressed critics and viewers with her powerful performances. Her effort in Silver Linings Playbook won her the coveted Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Jennifer Lawrence
Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence

During this time, Lawrence has also collaborated with many A-list co-stars, including veteran actor Robert DeNiro in two films. DeNiro shared the screen with Lawrence as her father in Joy and as Bradley Cooper’s father in Silver Linings Playbook. Both stars formed a warm bond on the sets, which resulted in many memorable and humorous moments and anecdotes.

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Jennifer Lawrence Shared An Epic Robert DeNiro Story

In an interview where Jennifer Lawrence answered 73 questions about herself, the Hunger Games star went down memory lane to narrate many incidents that happened during her films and with her co-stars. One of the funny anecdotes that Lawrence shared, involved her co-star in two movies, Robert DeNiro. The hilarious event occurred during the rehearsal dinner before the X-Men star’s wedding, where DeNiro was also invited.

“I invited him to the rehearsal dinner for my wedding, obviously expecting him not to come. And when he came, I said, ‘Bob, you really don’t have to be here. You can go home.’ And he was like, ‘Thank you so much,’ and left.”

Jennifer Lawrence with Robert DeNiro

Recalling the funny situation and DeNiro’s straight-as-an-arrow response, Jennifer Lawrence further praised the Taxi Driver actor as one of the nicest and most professional people she had met, despite appearing very intimidating on set.

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Jennifer Lawrence’s Next Film Is A Raunchy Comedy

Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence took a break from films to concentrate on her family life but is now back with her next project which is an interesting deviation from her earlier films. The actor will be seen after a hiatus in the R- rated comedy No Hard Feelings. The film will center around a woman, who, on the brink of losing her childhood home, is hired by a wealthy couple to “socialize” with their introverted son before he heads to college.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence in a still from No Hard Feelings

The edgy trailer which was released online in March, gives an insight into the film’s lighthearted tone and raunchy humor, as Lawrence attempts to seduce her co-star Andrew Barth Feldman. The coming-of-age film was originally set to release on the 16th of June 2023 but has been pushed back by a week with a new release date of June 23rd. Apart from playing the lead role, Lawrence will also co-produce the film under her company banner Excellent Cadaver.

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