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“Just let her rip if you’ve got it”: Sharon Stone Reveals Robert de Niro and Joe Pesci Actually Wanted Her Input in ‘Casino’ After Clashing Ego With Michael Douglas

Sharon Stone starred in Martin Scorsese-directed crime thriller movie, Casino, back in 1995. The movie became her foothold as one of the best female leads of that period. She portrayed a manipulative and self-absorbed character throughout the film. In a live show, Stone spoke about how much respect she received from her male co-stars in that movie, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. As she previously shared her thoughts on multiple occasions that she had to deal with many misogynistic actors throughout her life and was always typecasted, it came as a shock to her how well treated she was while filming Casino.

Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone

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Sharon Stone Reveals How Respectful Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci Were

Sharon Stone in an interview with Variety said that she has worked with many big actors in this industry and has also been pushed by them on how she should play her role so that their roles do not get affected. She also shared that she had experienced her share of misogynistic actors almost wherever she went, but that was not the case when she was cast for Casino. The main leads of the movie, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci welcomed her input on the role she was playing and even encouraged her to give it her all. She was taken aback by their behavior as this was not what she expected.

“I got together with Marty and Bob and they were like, ‘Give it all to us, baby, just let her rip if you’ve got it, we want it, let’s see what you can do”

Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci
Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci

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Sharon Stone also shared how she was always typecasted in Hollywood, as some of the famous movies she starred in had her playing erotic roles. She did not particularly want to portray erotic characters throughout her career and move about without any meaning to them, she wanted to play sensitive roles.

“I don’t get called upon to play these parts — I get called upon to take off my clothes and play these crazy sociopathic characters because I played one. I don’t get called upon to play thoughtful, sensitive characters. I’m a painter and I’m a songwriter […] I came into this world looking like a Barbie, so it’s complicated for people to allow me the opportunity to be anything else.”

The Basic Instinct star appeared on a Saturday Night Live show for a live performance where she shared the struggles she had to face in her early days in the industry being typecasted. During multiple instances, her role was not taken seriously, overshadowed by the big names in the industry.

Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas Clashed on the Set of Basic Instinct

In an interview with Playboy, Sharon Stone shared that she was uncomfortable playing her role alongside Michael Douglas in the movie Basic Instinct. She shared that though she was not interested to take up the role, she agreed later on. While the filming continued, it became a huge rumor that there was tension among the lead actors. And although it did not bother either of them, they were uncomfortable around each other.

Basic Instincts is box office hit in erotic thrillers
Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone in Basic Instincts

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While many would think that it will become a problem for the movie, it was actually the opposite for them. She directed the discomfort she had with Douglas into her role, as it made their chemistry on screen more realistic. After the movie was released, Stone had to face quite a bit of problem from her sudden rise to fame in the industry.

Casino is available for streaming on Prime Video.

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