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Big Bang Theory: 25 Things That Make No Sense About Sheldon And Amy’s Relationship

There are a few couples on The Big Bang Theory but Amy and Sheldon take center stage. Still, there are a ton of things wrong with their pairing.

There are some things that science just can’t explain. For instance, it can’t explain love. Of course, The Big Bang Theory tries to connect science and love. It proves love can make the impossible occur. In fact, the nerd can end up with the pretty blonde. Furthermore, even Sheldon finds someone to love. To some fans, Sheldon and Amy are soulmates. On the surface, they seem like the perfect couple. To be fair, even they don’t make sense all the time.

It’s safe to say the show wouldn’t be the same without them. They’re not the main love story in the show. Regardless, they stole the spotlight from the rest. They have a lot in common. For example, they’re both very smart yet awkward. They speak their mind and have no filter. They both struggle to make human connections. Indeed, science and math make more sense to them than love. That slowly starts to change over time. Their love story had its up and downs as well. They had their fair share of heartbreak and tears. In the end, they end up back as a couple. They’re perfect for each other.

At the same time, there are some things that make little sense. They are also very different in many ways. Amy is more open to growing and changing. Of course, Sheldon hates change. There are times when Sheldon’s mean but Amy’s no saint either. To be fair, there is nobody else in the world for them. Regardless, they’re not perfect. It’s time to take a closer look at Sheldon and Amy. Here’s Big Bang Theory: 25 Things That Don’t Make Sense About Sheldon And Amy.

Just Friends



Initially, Sheldon and Amy were not looking for a typical relationship. In fact, they only met because of Raj and Howard. They set up a dating profile for Sheldon as a joke. Of course, he and Amy were a near perfect match. Amy only went on the date so her mom would leave her alone. Sheldon had no interest in any kind of physical contact, including hand holding. As a matter of fact, they were strictly friends for several seasons. Clearly, they had feelings but those were slow to come out.

Amy’s Changed Over The Years But Sheldon’s The Same



Amy and Sheldon lack basic people skills. They’re awkward and painfully blunt. In fact, they have poor communication skills. However, Amy starts to change over time. She wants to have friends and be close to Penny. She tries to be one of the girls and connect on a human level. On the other hand, Sheldon still struggles with this. Indeed, he still thinks he’s better than everyone. He doesn’t try to be one of the guys and always has to be in control. Amy has done a much better job than Sheldon at connecting with people.

Sheldon Chose To Play The Star Wars Game Over Spending Time With Amy’s Family



Sheldon often struggles with being a good boyfriend. He can be very selfish and doesn’t care about Amy’s feelings. In fact, he still rather spend all weekend with his friends playing video games. For instance, Sheldon once promised to go with Amy to her aunt’s 93rd birthday. She even took the proper steps as stated in the relationship agreement. Of course, Sheldon chose to play the Star Wars game all weekend instead. He didn’t care that Amy wanted to show her new man off. He’d rather play video games with his friends.

Amy Tricks Sheldon Into Wanting Babies



Sheldon might be brilliant but he’s not smarter than Amy. In fact, she often tricks him to get her way and he doesn’t even realize it. For example, she recently tricked Sheldon into wanting babies. She tricks him into finding a baby experiment book. Sheldon wants to perform them on Howard’s babies and ends up having a great time. By the end, he’s into the idea of having babies. Of course, it backfires on Amy. She was thinking of having one or two babies. Turns outs, Sheldon has other plans. He wants to have 12.

Sheldon Went On A Trip And Didn’t Tell Amy



At one point, Sheldon can’t handle all the changes in his life. Sheldon and Amy become an actual couple and Leonard marries Penny. The change is too much for him so he decides to take a trip. In fact, he jumps on a train and travels. Of course, he forgot to mention it to one person. He went without telling Amy. Later, Amy and Leonard pick Sheldon up from the police station. He barely says two words to her and doesn’t thank her for coming. His focus is all on Leonard.

Amy Plays Celebrity D&D Without Sheldon



Sheldon loves to play D&D with the guys. For the most part, Amy and the girls don’t care for the game. They do play it at one point and have a good time. Regardless, Amy has little interest in it. Well, that’s until she finds out about Wil Wheaton’s celebrity D&D game. It includes Joe Manganiello so Amy’s down to play some D&D. Of course, Sheldon and the guys don’t get to play. Amy doesn’t tell Sheldon and even takes a picture with Joe. Clearly, Sheldon’s going to be very angry that Amy did this without telling him. Not the taking a picture with the hunky guy from Magic Mike. The fact that she played D&D without him.

They Still Have Friends Despite Their Blunt Attitudes



Sheldon and Amy can both be very blunt. They speak their minds and have no filter. In fact, they are usually very mean and hurtful. They insult their friends without even knowing it. Regardless, they still have friends. They’re lucky because most people would cut them off. To be fair, Amy tries to change and be nicer. Of course, she still manages to speak her mind. Sheldon puts in very little effort but his friends stick around. At first, it’s because of Leonard but by this point, it’s because they’re his friend.

Amy Is Willing To Give Up The Nobel Prize For Sheldon



It’s no secret that Sheldon’s dream is one day win a Nobel Prize. He will do whatever it takes to win one. Of course, Amy wasn’t part of the plan at first. They actually work on a theory that proves to be a huge breakthrough. There’s only one problem. The other physicists want to keep Amy’s name off of the paper. Sheldon actually takes Amy’s side and refuses to leave her out. He doesn’t care if that means he won’t win the Nobel Prize. Shockingly, Amy decides to step aside and let Sheldon take all the credit. She knows it’s his dream and she wants him to have it. In the end, Sheldon refuses and insists Amy be part of it.

Amy Puts Up With Sheldon’s Quirks



Being Sheldon’s friend is not an easy task. In fact, he has so many annoying quirks that his friends can barely stand him. He doesn’t realize how mean and rude he can be. Being his girlfriend is an even more difficult task. Unlike the rest, Amy manages to deal with his insults and quirks. Indeed, she finds most of them attractive. Of course, she’s only human and often wants to explode. He often tests her patience and how much she’ll put up with. He’s lucky because most people would just break up with him.

Sheldon Rejects Amy

For the most part, Amy puts up with Sheldon’s rude attitude and quirks. However, it becomes too much for her to handle. She eventually ends things with Sheldon and breaks his heart. To be fair, he did take her for granted. He soon realizes he loves her but it’s too late. He struggles to get over her. Later, Amy realizes her mistake and wants to be a couple again. However, Sheldon admits that getting over Amy was very tough for him to do. Instead, he turns her down and wants to remain friends.

Sheldon’s MeeMaw Doesn’t Like Amy



Sheldon and his MeeMaw have a special bond. In fact, he often speaks about her in glowing terms. He thinks the world of her and couldn’t wait for her to meet Amy. They broke up but just got back together. Sheldon had yet to reveal that he was planning on proposing to Amy. However, MeeMaw was unhappy with Amy. She didn’t like that she broke Sheldon’s heart. In fact, she’s pretty mean and rude to Amy. At first, Sheldon doesn’t know what to do and tries to avoid the problem. In the end, he actually takes Amy’s side against his MeeMaw.

They Don’t Share The Same Hobbies



Clearly, Sheldon and Amy have a lot in common. They’re both very smart yet socially awkward. On the other hand, they have many differences. In fact, they don’t share the same hobbies. For instance, Sheldon loves comic books and sci-fi. In fact, his life revolves around Star Trek and Star Wars. Amy doesn’t find comic books or sci-fi very interesting. In fact, she even questions his love for comic books. To be fair, Sheldon has no interest in her hobbies either. Amy enjoys watching Old French movies, knitting, playing the harp, medieval literature, and the color gray.

They’re Brilliant But Bad Liars



Sheldon and Amy have high IQs. They’re two of the smartest people in their line of work. There truly is nothing they can’t do. Well, turns out they’re both bad liars. They’re both so smart but are so bad at this. In fact, Sheldon can’t lie at all. A lie weighs heavy on his mind and he usually comes up with an elaborate cover story. Amy is also very bad at lying. She had no problems lying it’s just so obvious. When Amy lies it’s easy to tell by her face. She gives away the lie even before she tells it.

Sheldon And Amy Get Back Together While She’s On A Date



Sheldon and Amy’s break up had fans in tears. They all wanted to see them back as a couple. Of course, Amy tries to move on by dating other guys. At the same time, Sheldon realizes Amy is his soulmate. He runs over to her place to profess his love. However, Amy’s on a date with another guy, Dave. Regardless, they have an embrace and kiss. In fact, it’s Dave that encourages them to. Sheldon even goes to leave and is sorry for interrupting the date.

Star Wars Or Amy’s B-Day



Sheldon and Amy finally got back together. They were both so happy again and so were fans. However, Sheldon faced his biggest dilemma. Amy’s birthday happens to land on the same day as the Star Wars premiere. At first, Sheldon knows exactly what to do. He’s going to see Star Wars. Of course, his friends explain to him that he should celebrate Amy’s birthday. He doesn’t know which to choose and has a hard time. In the end, he decides to celebrate Amy’s birthday. This was a decision they both were very happy with it.

Amy’s The Only Person That Can Criticize Sheldon



There’s one thing that Sheldon is certain of. He’s always right. He’s furious when anyone thinks he’s wrong or criticizes him. It’s safe to say he can’t handle feedback. He assumes he’s the best at everything he does. He also assumes he’s the smartest person. Well, that’s until he meets Amy. Not only does he note that Amy’s smart. She’s also the only one that can criticize him or give him feedback. He doesn’t always like it but allows her to be honest with him. She often gives him good advice.

Sheldon Invites Raj To Their Anniversary Dinner


The Big Bang Theory Cast


Clearly, Amy and Sheldon’s first-anniversary celebration’s a big deal. Of course, they were friends for years before making it official. Amy can’t hide her excitement while Sheldon just wants to get the dinner over. In fact, he invites Raj to join them dinner as well. He doesn’t consider Amy’s feelings. Indeed, he doesn’t understand why she’s so angry with him. Sheldon finally has a romantic moment with Amy. To be fair, he quotes Spiderman but that’s good for her.

They Dress Up As Howard And Bernadette For Halloween



The whole group loves to celebrate Halloween. They love to dress up and have fun with the day. In fact, the guys even dress up at work. Last year, Howard went as Sheldon. Of course, Sheldon didn’t get it at first. He’s sad when he realizes Howard was making fun of him. To be fair, Sheldon often mocks Howard although he doesn’t always know he’s doing it. Amy tries to talk to Bernie about it but she thinks it’s funny too. To get revenge, Sheldon and Amy dress up as Howard and Bernie. It’s funny at first but gets pretty mean.

Sheldon’s Doesn’t Like That Amy’s Better At Connecting With People



At first, Sheldon didn’t care about connecting with people. He didn’t care about his best friend or having a girlfriend. He only cares about his work and video games. Over time he began to change a bit. He made more of an effort to connect with people. He also got better at understanding them as well. Regardless, he couldn’t connect as well as Amy does. She connects so well with Penny that they eventually become best friends. Penny admits it too. It bothers Sheldon that Amy is better at connecting with people.

Sheldon Doesn’t Want A Girlfriend But Is Jealous When Stuart Asks Out Amy



As noted, Sheldon and Amy were just friends for a long time. Amy was ready to take it to the next level but he wasn’t ready. He didn’t like the idea of a girlfriend. They spent all their time with each other but he didn’t want more. Of course, Amy starts getting attention from other guys. Any time another guy gave her attention Sheldon became very jealous. For instance, he couldn’t handle Amy going on a date with Stuart. He even tries to take out Penny to make Amy jealous. In the end, he crashes their date and professes his love for Amy.

Amy Ruins Indiana Jones



As noted, Amy and Sheldon don’t share the same hobbies. For instance, Amy doesn’t like comic books or care about Star Wars. She’s more of a Little House on the Prairie kind of girl. She also doesn’t care for Indiana Jones. In fact, Sheldon couldn’t wait to show her Raiders of the Lost Ark. Of course, she ruins the movie for him. She points out that Indiana Jones doesn’t serve a purpose in the movie. Sheldon’s life comes crashing down. In fact, the guys are just as devastated. Regardless, he continues to date her despite her lack of interest in Indiana Jones.

Sheldon Didn’t Want To Move In With Her



Sheldon and Amy took things real slow. In fact, it was several seasons before they really became a couple. Sheldon liked to take things as slow as possible. Of course, it drove Amy crazy. In fact, she tried several times to move in with him. He was always against the idea. At one point, Sheldon’s furious with Leonard for buying a new table. Amy tries to trick him into moving with her but he’d rather keep the table. To be fair, she was pretty close to getting her way. Later, he only agrees to move in as an experiment.

Amy Has To Laugh At All Of His Jokes


For Sheldon, there’s one great thing about marrying Amy. He got to make a relationship agreement. It features strict rules regarding hand holding, cuddling and date night. Amy had no problem agreeing to the contract. She didn’t even care about the strangest rules. For instance, she must laugh at all of his jokes. As a matter of fact, she often laughs at the not so funny ones. She’s a good girlfriend to put up with the contract. At the same time, she tries to use it to her advantage. Of course, that’s when it doesn’t count.

Amy Manipulates Sheldon



As noted, Sheldon’s a very smart guy but isn’t perfect. In fact, Amy is able to manipulate him to get her way. There are times when Sheldon can figure it out. However, as they grow as a couple she’s able to do it more often. She once used Sheldon’s favorite foods to get him to move the relationship forward. He knew exactly what she was doing but he fell for it anyway. Recently, she tricked him into wanting children. She often tricks him to get her way. She does a good job of manipulating him.

Sheldon Insults Amy



Sheldon now realizes that Amy’s the love of his life. However, that doesn’t stop him from insulting her. As noted, Sheldon and Amy can both be very blunt. Of course, Sheldon is very blunt with Amy. In fact, he often insults her appearance and personality. In addition, he finds her pain to be amusing. For example, he couldn’t stop laughing when she fell and hurt herself. He finds enjoyment in her pain. He also makes fun of her physical appearance. Regardless, Amy puts up with it and never leaves him.

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