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Big Bang Theory: 25 Wild Revelations About Leonard And Penny’s Relationship

Leonard and Penny have seen a sweet love story on The Big Bang Theory but there are a lot of things wrong with their relationship.

For years, this mystery has stumped the greatest minds in the world. In fact, it might remain unsolved forever. No, not the end of the world. Of course, it’s the mystery of Penny and Leonard. Well, turns out that science can’t explain everything.

It’s safe to say that Big Bang Theory wouldn’t be the same without Penny and Leonard. Indeed, their love story is the heart of the show. It’s the classic tale of nerd falls in love with the pretty blonde. As a matter of fact, the show even portrays it that way. In a lot of ways, they’re the perfect couple. They’re opposites but it works for them. He’s book smart and shy while she’s street smart and outgoing. Like any love story, they have their ups and downs. Regardless, they’re a world-famous TV couple.

Their love story starts in the pilot and is still going strong today. They’ve gone through a lot over the 12 seasons the show has been on the air. There have been many alarming revelations about them. Indeed, most fans might not even know. At the same time, these facts might not shock fans but they’re still interesting. Like all TV couples, they’ve had bad times and good ones. They’ve had moments of heartbreak and moments of happiness. It’s time to take a closer look at Penny and Leonard. Here’s Big Bang Theory: 25 Wild Revelations About Leonard And Penny.

Leonard Wants Kids But Penny Doesn’t


Leonard and Penny in The Big Bang Theory


For the most part, Leonard and Penny want different things. Initially, she wants to be a world-famous actress and he just wants to be with her. In fact, he knows he wants to marry her from the second he met her. On the other hand, she didn’t think about him that way at first. They also both want different things for the future. He wants to have kids and start a family. However, she’s not really into that idea. She doesn’t mind her friend’s kids but doesn’t want any of her own. Maybe she’ll change her mind in the future but for now, they remain divided.

Penny Toyed With Leonard’s Feelings


Leonard holding his cello and smiling at Penny in The Big Bang Theory.


Leonard fell in love with Penny the second he met her. It was love at first sight. Well, for him it was. In fact, Penny didn’t see him in a romantic way. She soon became aware of his feelings but toyed with him first. Indeed, she strings him along for several seasons. She confuses him and breaks his heart. In addition, she struggles with her feelings for him and commitment. As a matter of fact, she considers breaking up with him and isn’t really into the relationship. She only dates him because he’s a safe choice.

The Shotgun Wedding



TV weddings have always been hugely popular. Leonard and Penny’s was no different but they chose to go a different route. They didn’t have some big grand wedding they spent all season planning. Instead, they decide to marry on a whim and drive to Las Vegas. They prefer the shotgun style over the more popular one. However, they didn’t invite any family or friends. In fact, they all had to watch from home online. It might have been nice to invite their friends. To be fair, they do more traditional wedding later and invite everyone.

Penny Finally Takes An Interest In Leonard’s Work



For the first few seasons, Penny finds Leonard’s work boring. To be fair, it’s more that she just doesn’t understand. At the same time, Leonard is such a geek that it’s easy to forget how smart he is. Later, Penny finally takes an interest in his work. She stops by his work and remembers how smart he is. In fact, she even admits that she forgets that sometimes. As a matter of fact, she finds him even more attractive. From that point, she finds his intelligence very attractive.

Penny Didn’t Want Leonard To Move In With Her



When Penny and Leonard start dating he couldn’t be happier. However, he never realizes she’s a bit unhappy. She wants to take things as slow as possible. At one point, Leonard can’t handle living with Sheldon anymore. He decides he’s going to move out and live with Penny. Of course, he didn’t ask her first. She felt things were moving too fast for her. She didn’t want him to move in and tries to help Sheldon. Penny likes taking things slowly. In this case, he should be a bit more understanding.

Penny Remembers Their First Kiss Differently



The first time they kissed was magical. It sent chills up and down their spines. Sparks flew and it was clear they were in love. There’s only one tiny problem. Penny chooses to remember their first kiss differently. In fact, she chooses a completely different kiss as their first time. Their first kiss was at Penny’s Halloween party. She had partied a lot before this moment. She regrets being in that state for the first kiss with the love of her life. Instead, she remembers the kiss on his birthday as the first one.

Penny Didn’t Know The First Date Was Their First Date


Big Bang Theory Leonard and Penny


As noted, Leonard has a huge crush on Penny the moment he saw her. Of course, she didn’t have feelings for him. She just enjoyed hanging out with him and the other guys. Leonard’s bothered when she dates anyone in the first season. To make matters worse, she usually dates hunky guys. Leonard decides to finally take his shot. Well, sort of. He’s not clear when he asks her out. She thinks the whole group is going to dinner. It’s only midway through the date she realizes it’s a date.

Leonard’s Mom Likes Penny The Best



Leonard has never been able to impress his mom. No matter what he did he’s always in his sibling’s shadow. She often talks about them glowingly but doesn’t do that to Leonard. In fact, she often puts him down and offers backhanded compliments. At one point, Penny’s certain that his mother hates her. Later, Penny and his mom start talking quite often. She even shares personal information with Penny. It turns out that Penny is her favorite. Indeed, she likes her the best out of all her kid’s significant others.

Penny Beat Leonard At Chess



Clearly, Leonard’s very smart and clever. He enjoys playing video games and board games. In fact, he and Sheldon often play chess. Penny doesn’t hide that she finds most of this boring. She might not have the education as the rest. Regardless, that doesn’t mean she’s not smart. As a matter of fact, she once beat Leonard in a game of chess. She gave all the game pieces different names but still beat him. Of course, he couldn’t handle losing. He just abruptly ends the game when it’s clear it’s over.

They Keep Secrets From Each Other


Leonard and Penny talking in front of the Broken Elevator in The Big Bang Theory


Penny and Leonard’s love story is the longest in the show. They were becoming a loving and happy couple. Of course, like any happy couple, they keep secrets. In contrast, Sheldon and Amy don’t keep secrets from each other. To be fair, they couldn’t if they tried. On the other hand, Penny and Leonard keep a lot. For instance, Penny never reveals that she’s in serious debt. It’s pretty clear she isn’t very good with money. At the same time, Leonard doesn’t reveal a secret bank account he set up. He doesn’t want her to know so she won’t spend all the money.

Penny Didn’t Want To Marry Leonard But Did Marry Zack



As noted, Leonard always knew he would marry Penny. Of course, she wasn’t as sure. Leonard even proposed a few times. However, she always rejected him. Regardless, he still stuck around. Penny just didn’t want to marry Leonard or anyone. Turns out, Penny’s already taken. In fact, Penny and Zack tied the knot in Las Vegas. To be fair to Penny, she thought it was just a joke wedding. Well, she was wrong. Leonard couldn’t believe that she would marry Zack and not him. Eventually, Penny and Leonard do marry.

The Bug Report



Leonard and Penny broke up and attempt to be friends. However, they give it one more shot a few seasons later. At this point, they’re both reluctant about being a couple again. Well, Penny is. Regardless, Leonard comes up with a solution. They do a bug report on the relationship. If there is something one of them finds annoying or doesn’t like, they can report it. Clearly, this is a dangerous move. It’s an odd way to work things out. Basically, he gets to point out all the stuff he doesn’t like and she’ll change it. To be fair, she can do that as well.

Penny Doesn’t Think She’s Smart Enough For Him



When Penny and Leonard start dating things are a bit off. Leonard’s so eager to make it work but thinks he did something wrong. Turns out it’s not him. In fact, Penny believes she might not be smart enough for him. Leonard finds out and is a bit too happy about it. He loves the idea that she thinks he’s too good for her. He attempts to make it better but it backfires. Leonard basically implies that she isn’t smart. He encourages her to take a course and it only makes it worse.

You’ve Got A Friend In Me



Penny and Leonard didn’t plan their first wedding out. They just ran off to Vegas. Therefore, Penny didn’t have any time to write wedding vows. Of course, Leonard started working on his the day he met her. To be fair, Penny didn’t plan on the vows because it was all last minute. Leonard’s words were touching and beautiful. She felt she had to say something. All she could think of were lyrics from the popular Toy Story song “You Got A Friend In Me.” Most guys pretend that’s lame but they all wish their future bride would sing that too. Leonard finds it touching and brings him to tears.

Leonard Supports Penny’s Acting Career


Leonard Penny TBBT


Penny moves to LA with dreams of becoming a world-famous actress. However, that’s not how things turn out for her. At one point, she decides to quit her job as a waitress to focus on acting. Leonard supports her and encourages to follow her dreams. At the same time, he wishes she had talked to him first. Later, he reveals he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to quit her job. Of course, it’s too late at that point. In the end, he supports her no matter what. He even buys her a new car so she can go to auditions.

They’re The Only Couple To Break Up More Than Once



It’s common for couples to have good and bad times. Indeed, many couples break up and get back together. Leonard and Penny aren’t the only ones in the show to have problems. In fact, every couple broke up at one point. Well, Penny and Leonard have always beaten the other couples. They’re the only ones to break up more than once. It might be because they’ve been a couple longer. Regardless, it seems like they always have problems and are ending things.

Penny Has Influence On The Roommate Agreement



For the first few seasons, Leonard lived with Sheldon. It wasn’t easy being his roommate. In fact, Leonard had to sign a roommate agreement. It includes strict rules, a bathroom schedule, and a time-traveling clause. Sheldon often uses the contract to get his way. Indeed, Leonard has no influence on the agreement. Turns out that Penny does. As a matter of fact, Penny and Sheldon have a special bond. She’s able to have certain things added to the contract. Clearly, she does this to benefit herself.

Penny Couldn’t Say “I Love You”



As noted, Leonard fell in love with Penny the day she moved in. In fact, he couldn’t wait to tell her that he loved her. However, she didn’t react the way he hoped. Indeed, she went into panic mode and eventually they broke up. She didn’t say it back for several seasons. Raj was in a state of shock to find out that she didn’t say it yet. She eventually says it back but it took her six seasons to do so. She wasn’t sure if she loved him until then.

Penny Let An Ex-Boyfriend Stay At Her Place



Leonard is often jealous of Penny’s boyfriends. They usually have big muscles and are very handsome. He assumes he doesn’t have to worry about that once they start dating. However, Penny seems to not understand him sometimes. For instance, she once let an ex-boyfriend stay with her for a little while. She was dating Leonard at the time and didn’t understand why he was so angry about it. To be fair, Penny was just trying to be a good person and help an ex out. She still only cared about Leonard.

Leonard Proposes So Much She Missed One


Big Bang Theory Penny And Leonard Proposes


Not only did Leonard fall in love with Penny instantly. He also knew that he wanted to marry her. He didn’t even know her at the time. Once they started dating, he proposed to her. In fact, Leonard proposing became a running joke. Indeed, he proposes several times throughout the show. It even gets to the point where she has to ask him to stop. In addition, she pretty much turned him down every time. As a matter of fact, he proposes so much that she missed one. He once proposed to her in skywriting but she never looked up. Therefore, she actually missed one of his many proposals.

Penny Lies About Having A College Degree

Clearly, Leonard is out of Penny’s league and he knows it. She usually dates tall and handsome guys. However, he’s a much safer choice than the guys she dates. Of course, Leonard’s insecure feelings often come up. Turns out that Penny thinks she’s out of his league too. In fact, she thinks he might be too smart for her. Therefore, she lies on their first official date. She tells him that she has a college degree. She thinks he would rather be with a smart girl. They both don’t realize how much they love each other.

They Have Nothing In Common



Leonard’s the typical nerd that loves Star Wars, comic books, and Star Trek. Initially, Penny has zero interest in any of that. In fact, she confuses Star Trek and Star Wars, which angers the guys. Penny’s more into fashion and shoes. To be fair, Leonard doesn’t understand any of that. They have nothing in common and are complete opposites. Indeed, it takes Penny several seasons before she takes an interest in his work. Also, she soon begins to enjoy the TV shows, board games, and movies that he loves.

They Haven’t Progressed Like The Other Couples


The Big Bang Theory Cast


Penny and Leonard are one of the longest-standing couples in the show. They did break up several times but always get back together. However, they haven’t progressed like the other couples in the show. For instance, Howard and Bernadette marry before they do. In fact, they have kids and start a family as well. Sheldon and Amy are very slow moving but move faster than they do. Sheldon only had to propose once to Amy. They also have a grand wedding opposed to the shotgun wedding. As the show comes to an end, Penny and Leonard still struggle to move forward.

They Don’t Actually Love Each Other

At times, it appears that Penny and Leonard don’t love each other. In fact, Penny often states she settles for Leonard. She even jokes that he wore her down. He’s a safer choice then the other guys she dates. For Leonard, it’s actually infatuation. He never thought he could end up with someone so beautiful. It’s mostly about her looks and not her personality. They seem unhappy and miserable at times. In fact, Penny’s not sure if she even wants to be with him. Their love might not be as strong as some think.

The Relationship Agreement



Penny and Leonard start having a lot of problems. She feels he’s taking her for granted. Of course, he doesn’t feel that way. They try to work things about but they don’t know how to. In fact, they have to do the unthinkable. The one thing they never thought they’d do. They ask Sheldon to create a relationship agreement for them. It gets to the point that they need his help. To be fair, the contract works for Sheldon and Amy. Leonard and Penny are quite happy with the contract they sign.

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