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“I was all set to do it”: Anthony Hopkins Was Humiliated by X-Men Director by Replacing Him With CGI Marlon Brando in $391M Movie

The 85-year-old Anthony Hopkins has been around in Hollywood for quite some time now, he has more than two hundred films credited to his name. With films like Hannibal, Silence of the Lambs, and The Father, Hopkins has entertained us for more than 60 years with stellar performances.

Even with his caliber he has been rejected and dropped from films. Were the directors stuck with a pang of guilt after dropping the actor? Maybe not but we missed the opportunity to see him as Superman’s father, Jor-EL. Among a few films that Hopkins missed out on this one was probably the biggest.

Anthony Hopkins was cast as Jor-El in Superman Returns

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Anthony Hopkins in The Father

Anthony Hopkins is currently ruling Hollywood, at his age surviving in an industry where there is the inflow of new competition every minute is beyond imaginable. 

The actor has won all awards possible, and his acting prowess is known to all. Today he can walk into any room and demand any role suitable to him. This was not the case when he was young and hustling. 

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Anthony Hopkins

Even the Red Dragon star had missed some shots and was replaced by directors in his early days. One of these instances is when he was interested in the role of Jor-El, Superman’s biological father. 

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Superman (1978)

From 1978 to 1987 four back-to-back Superman films were released as a tetralogy Superman (1978), Superman II (1980), Superman III (1983), and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987). Superman Returns was released in 2006 reinventing the mystic hero who had disappeared from the face of the earth for six years. 

Anthony Hopkins was replaced by CGI Marlon Brando 

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Marlon Brando in Superman Returns

Superman Returns was muddled in controversies, and casting issues, and eventually director initially hired for the film, Brett Ratner gave up, the reason being was unable to cast Superman. The film was then helmed by the X-Men director Bryan Slinger.

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Bryan Singer director of Superman Returns

Singer replaced Hannibal star Anthony Hopkins with Marlon Brando’s CGI figure. Brando had made the role famous after his performance in Superman (1978), this time it was just his CGI. In one interview Anthony Hopkins described what it was like when he was dropped from the project. 

“[There was] some political movement. I think Brett was out of line with something and they said thank you very much. I never heard from Brett since then, but I was all set to do it.”

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bryan singer
Bryan Singer

It is indeed heartbreaking and shocking to know someone as renowned, talented, and hardworking as Hopkins would be dropped from a film. But Alas! It happens, the actor is doing very well himself now and even won an Oscar at 83 for his role in The Father, making him the eldest actor to receive the honorary award. 

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