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“She Hit Me With a Right Hand and I Couldn’t Eat for Like a Week”: Male Boxer Revealing Never Before Heard Details About Sparring Session With Muhammad Ali’s Daughter Laila Ali Leaves Boxing World Jaw-Dropped

The boxing world is no stranger to electrifying tales from the ring, but when American boxer Ronald Johnson shared an astonishing account of a sparring session with Laila Ali, the daughter of the legendary Muhammad Ali, it left the community stunned On a recent episode of the Vegas Circle podcast, Johnson narrated his thrilling experience in a candid Instagram reel, recalling the time when Ali’s powerful right-hand left him unable to eat for a week.

His tale was not just an ode to his own resilience but also a testament to Ali’s fierce prowess in the ring. Acknowledging the gravity of Johnson’s words, Ali herself shared the reel on her Instagram story, adding a punch of her own, “I’m not one to ‘play with’ @dreamronjohn.” The saga seemed to pull at an odd thread, teasing an untold perspective of Ali’s competitive spirit and hinting at the hidden depths of boxing tales waiting to be unveiled.

This surprising revelation presents an opportunity to explore the untold stories of the boxing ring, fueling curiosity and anticipation.

A right hook to remember

Diving into the heart of the matter, the podcast conversation revealed the true grit and ferocity of Laila Ali. As Johnson began, he said, “I sparred with Laila. Thousands were around, it was like you know-“ The host, taken aback, exclaimed, “You kidding? I need to see the footage of that.”

Johnson’s account only grew more enthralling, “Oh yeah, it’s crazy, I haven’t watched it in a long time. It’s been a long time, but she was definitely like a troop for sure.” Recollecting further, he added, “A couple of times I thought I was gonna play with her, have my hands down. She hit me with a right hand, and I couldn’t eat for like a week or so.” Highlighting Ali’s robust physique, he pointed out, “She fought super middleweight, so she wasn’t like a little girl. She fought at 160 pounds.”


As the story unfurled, fans were quick to chime in. “Dam, she caught you while your mouth was open. Ouch 🥊🥊,” empathized Angel Samuel, while Tee Mason couldn’t help but drop laughter emojis, 😂😂😂”JG the Rapstar, an old schoolmate of the Ali sisters, endorsed their toughness, saying, “I went to school with her and Hana. They were always tough.”

Amid the exchange, the Vegas Circle podcast team also joined in, extending an open invitation to Ali, “@thereallailaali let’s us know when you come out to Vegas!! We would love to have you on!!” Their sentiment was echoed by boxing professional Dewey Cooper, who succinctly chimed in with, “Truth!!”

In this riveting conversation, every quote and reaction painted a vivid picture of an intense sparring session, revealing the nuances of the boxing world in a way never seen before.

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