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Why Mike Tyson And His Family Love Cannabis: ‘There’s A Lot Of Happiness In The House’

Renowned heavyweight champion Mike Tyson recently shared insights on his affinity for cannabis at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Miami. His heartfelt sentiments about cannabis stirred the audience, shedding a personal light on the benefits he believes it brings to his life.

“I love cannabis because a cannabis is who I am,” Tyson passionately professed. He spoke candidly about his personal journey with the plant, describing it as a source of happiness that has had a significant positive impact not only on his own life, but on the lives of his family members as well.

“My family loves cannabis because I take it in the house. There’s a lot of happiness in the house. And that’s what cannabis is to me: happiness,” Tyson continued. He argued against the notion of cannabis inciting aggression or conflict, humorously quipping, “I never smoked a joint and said, ‘Oh, man, that sucks… I’ma kick his ass.'”

His candid remarks offered a stark counterpoint to common stereotypes surrounding cannabis users, presenting a perspective rooted in personal experience and genuine enthusiasm.

Those who missed Tyson’s enlightening discussion will have another opportunity to hear from influential figures in the cannabis industry when the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference returns to Chicago on September 27 and 28.

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