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“He grabbing our wives by the a**”- Charles Barkley once had to confront Mike Tyson at a party for his inappropriate behavior

Charles Barkley never fails to surprise with his untold stories during a candid conversation. One of his most recent ones featured former professional boxing superstar Mike Tyson, who was one of his neighbors back in the day.

Barkley used to host New Year’s Eve parties for his high-profile friends every year at a restaurant. He invited Tyson to one of those events one time, which ended with Barkley confronting the boxer after his friends complained about an ugly incident that went down. Here’s what Barkley said about this on the “New Heights Podcast”:

“Mike Tyson was actually one of my neighbors up the street for about four or five years. He would always be around… I actually like Mike a lot but I have a funny story. So I had a New Year’s Eve party every year…

“So Mike Tyson comes one year, and the guy comes with a blue horn, ‘The Champ is here, the champ is here,’ and I’m like, ‘Hey, we’re all famous in here, there’s no big deal that you’re the champion….’

“So about two hours into the party, three or four of the husbands come up to me and say, ‘Yo man, you got to do something about Mike.’ I said, ‘What’s Mike doing?’ He says, ‘He’s grabbing our wives by the a**.'”

Charles Barkley was initially intimated by going up to Tyson. However, he eventually politely spoke to him, telling the boxer that most women at the party weren’t single, not that he was permitted to touch anyone who wasn’t either. Tyson immediately agreed with the “Chuckster” and backed off.

Charles Barkley and Mike Tyson’s relationship has been filled with banter

Not many dare to speak about Mike Tyson’s embarrassing stories in public, but Charles Barkley was more than comfortable sharing one because of his banter-filled equation with the boxer. That was displayed once on air on TNT’s “Inside The NBA” show.

The program revisited the infamous fight between Shaquille O’Neal and Barkley in the 1990s when the two exchanged physical blows. They also showed Tyson’s comments on it. Here’s what Tyson said back then:

“That was just really funny. Don’t fight if that’s what you’re gonna do, don’t do it. Shaq was little awkard and little hesitant, you know, hesitating on throwing the punch, and they didn’t come across as good fighters… And by the way Chuck, I will kick your a**, you know I would.”

Barkley issued a hilarious response to that saying:

“Listen here Mike Tyson, you’re right you’ll kick my a**.”

This comical side of Charles Barkley makes him one of the most interesting personalities in the sports world. He’s built excellent relationships with his fellow professional athletes, so it isn’t surprising to see him have a solid equation with greats like Tyson.

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