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“Meeting Him Is a Memory I Will Never Forget”: Boxing World Joins Muhammad Ali’s Family in Paying Tribute to Late Boxing Legend on His 7th Death Anniversary

Seven years have passed since the world bid farewell to the one and only Muhammad Ali, a man whose legacy remains indelible in the hearts and minds of millions. Ali’s larger-than-life persona and unwavering commitment to his beliefs continue to inspire generations. His remarkable athletic prowess, coupled with his unwavering courage, inspired millions to dream big and stand up for their belief. Towards the end of his life, Ali faced the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s disease, a condition that gradually silenced the once-boisterous voice of the champion. Ali would eventually succumb to the disease and pass away in 2016 at the age of 74

As we reflect on this solemn occasion, it is undeniable that Ali’s impact transcended the boxing ring, leaving an everlasting mark on the world. Moreover, his daughter Rasheda Ali also stepped forward to share a heartfelt message that resonated with all who admired the legendary figure. With warmth and reverence, she honored her father’s memory, expressing gratitude for the immense impact he had on her life and the world.

Rasheda took to social media and posted a picture of her and Ali. She then shared a message expressing her love for the late legend. She claimed that she lost a father and hero seven years ago. However, she would make sure that his legacy is being carried on forever.


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“7 Years Ago today the World lost a Hero! I lost my Friend & Father! The greatest honor is to carry on his Legacy. His Warm and caring Spirit will live on!” she wrote.


This was not all, as Ali’s grandson Nico Walsh also shared a tribute to his grandfather. Moreover, fans of the ‘Greatest Ever’ flocked together to pay tribute to the fallen legend. Ali’s impact transcended borders and touched the lives of people from all walks of life. Therefore it wasn’t surprising when these people joined and mourned the loss of a true icon.

Fans unite to remember Muhammad Ali as his daughter shares a heartfelt message

A user named Jesse James Leija claimed that he met Ali in his life and would never forget that moment. “Meeting him is a memory I will never forget! RIP to the Greatest of all time!” he wrote.

Another 3-Time Combat Sports Hall of Fame Sugar Ray Sefo shared his condolences as well. “RIP Legend !!” he wrote.


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Moreover, a user stated that he would always love the boxing legend and prayed for him as well. “I’ll always love and respect your father.He was and is one of my idols . May he rest in eternal peace” he wrote.

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A user named Farrah LaRaé Wynn sent love to Rasheda on this heartbreaking day. “Sending you so much love today!!” she wrote.


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Lastly, a user named Ram Avtar revealed that he missed Ali like millions of people across the world. “We miss you legend” he wrote.

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Fans around the world honor Muhammad Ali’s memory by carrying forward his principles and values. As we reflect on Muhammad Ali’s 7th death anniversary, fans from every corner of the world unite to honor his extraordinary life and legacy. Moreover, although he might not be present with us in physical form Ali will forever be remembered as the champion who not only conquered the boxing world but also fought for justice, inspired millions, and left an indelible mark on humanity.

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