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With $10 Million Net Worth, Muhammad Ali’s Daughter Laila Ali Takes Huge Step in Feeding America Through Her Spice Blend Company

Laila Ali has built a reputation for using her social stature for the welfare of the ones in need. Since her retirement, she has turned to helping those in distress. It is inspiring to witness that one of the greatest female boxers of all time has been using her money and popularity to raise awareness about pressing issues in society. Recently, Ali performed another act of kindness and took to her Instagram to share the same with her fans and lead by example. ‘She Bee Stingin’ has been involved with Feeding America for more than ten years now. She contributed yet again to the organization’s goal to feed through her company, Laila Ali Spice Blends. 

The legendary Muhammad Ali was known for being a social activist and it is safe to say that Laila Ali has continued the legacy of her father.

How Laila Ali touched hearts


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Laila Ali’s company, Laila Ali’s Spice Blends, donated about 1500 containers of spice blends to a local pantry to contribute towards Feeding America. The pantry is named Solidarity Sandy Springs, which aims at providing fresh fruits and vegetables to the ones in need.

Feeding America feeds about 50 million Americans who are in dire straits and cannot afford decent meals for themselves. Laila Ali has been a strong advocate of this organization and is also a part of the organization’s Entertainment Council. She made a massive announcement for her fans.


21264 Live Readers


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The greatest female boxer of all time further announced that her company would donate more than 1000 containers of spice blends to food pantries in Georgia. This gesture shows the values of the daughter of Boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

Laila Ali Will Never Forget Muhammad Ali’s Words Even After His Death


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Ali has consistently donated to numerous organizations from Feeding America to Peace for Kids. The undefeated world champion boxer bears testament to the fact that the scions of legends are self-made individuals in their own regard. Do you feel inspired by Laila Ali and the causes that she is a part of? Let us know in the comments.

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