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10 Hilarious Big Bang Theory Memes Only True Fans Understand

Even though The Big Bang Theory ended, the laughs the sitcom produced still linger, and these ten memes capture the show's most hilarious qualities.

Big Bang Theory might have ended its run after 12 successful seasons, but that doesn’t mean we have to forget about the characters and some of the most iconic  moments, funny situations, and hilarious catchphrases from the show.

Of course, only true fans know certain things about the show, such as how Sheldon knocks on doors, why you should never sit in Sheldon’s spot, what Soft Kitty is, and who the heck is MeeMaw?

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And only true fans will also understand these 10 hilarious Big Bang Theory memes that will have you laughing and going back to re-watch the sitcom all over again.


Some might have heard the word “bazinga!” and vaguely know that it relates in some way to Big Bang Theory. But only true fans of the series know that this is the word Sheldon uses when he has delivered a zinger or some kind, or at least a retort or joke that he believes to be a zinger.

So this meme, a fun take on the Dos Equis beer ads, perfectly describes what Sheldon means when he says it. It simply means “that was a good one” and “gotcha!” And while Sheldon’s “bazinga” moments might be few and far between, and perhaps not quite as funny or clever as he believes them to be, his sense of humour softened through the series. And he was delivering bazinga-worthy commentary more often than ever.

It’s Called Sarcasm

Sheldon did not understand sarcasm, and Penny was notorious for delivering it. So this meme accurately depicts what a conversation with Sheldon would look like. As Penny undoubtedly feeds him a sarcastic remark, Leonard quietly stands behind her advising Sheldon that what she’s saying is sarcastic, not really what she means.

And yes, we probably have all interacted with one person or another with whom we’d love to have had one of these signs because they just didn’t get it.

The Perpetually Broken Elevator

If you watched the series from the beginning, you noticed that the elevator was out of order. This became a running gag on the series as the elevator was seemingly never fixed. It worked out, because a lot of the dialogue and important conversations among characters happened as they were dutifully chugging up the several flights of stairs to get to their apartments.

Interestingly, while this meme suggests that having the elevator finally fixed in the final episode would be great, this is indeed what happened. (Spoiler alert) Penny and Sheldon take the elevator down together as Sheldon is shell-shocked at the very concept that they can finally do this in their home.

Ladies Man

Howard had a horrible haircut, weird fashion sense, and a terrible way with the ladies. Yet when he was single, he acted as though he was a catch, approaching pretty girls as though they would fall at his feet. Despite his confidence, they didn’t. But this didn’t stop Howard from delivering some seriously corny pick-up lines that sounded a lot like this one.

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In the end, Howard did get a beautiful (and smart) wife in Bernadette. So maybe the corny lines actually worked. Or he finally met a woman who loved him for who he was. Nonetheless, this meme is perfectly Howard.

Tho Who And The What And The Where?

Any fan of the series knew that you didn’t have to be a scientist to understand the humor, but if you had any knowledge of science, you understood a lot more of the subtle nuances of the conversations than others, and picked up on jokes that were lost on most others.

Much of the dialogue contained very specific scientific jargon (bless the cast for being able to memorize it and deliver it with such gusto and authenticity!) that only someone with intimate knowledge of scientific principles would understand. Otherwise, it sounded to the average person like nonsense, even though it actually was all legitimate scientific terminology.

Oh, Sheldon

Sheldon, Sheldon, Sheldon. He never understood things like sarcasm and popular phrases, taking everything literally, as this meme describes. If someone were to say something like this to him, he would instantly use it as an opportunity to correct them, spewing some facts that suggest what they’re saying is wrong.

He’d never understand that the person simply means that two people are clearly in love, and their joyous feelings for one another are permeating the air around them. Or at least it feels like that. For Sheldon, why not just say that? There’s no point to these pointless and inaccurate phrases, in Sheldon’s mind.

Marriage Is About Compromise

Howard became a man when he married Bernadette, or did he? Weirdly close to his mother, he lived with her through his adulthood, and even after getting married. Never seen on camera, it was clear that his mother still treated him like a little boy, making his dinner, washing his clothes, and yes, occasionally asking him to go rub her feet.

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Once married, Howard expected his wife to take over, and when she didn’t, mom was still there to baby him until she sadly passed away (following the death of the actor who voiced her.)

Poor Raj

Even as the series ended, Raj still didn’t have a girlfriend. He started off in the series unable to even speak to pretty girls, eventually gaining confidence and dating actively. But his quirks, awkward nature, and inability to act appropriately meant his relationships never lasted.

We thought there was hope when he decided to pursue an arranged marriage and fell for the girl who was to be his wife. But it wasn’t meant to be. Yet as a loyal friend, great with Howard’s children, a perfect addition to girl’s night, and an intelligent man, Raj really deserved to find love.

DO NOT Take Sheldon’s Spot

Anyone with any sense knows that the very left corner of the couch in his apartment is Sheldon’s “spot” And no one dare sit there. Any time an outsider joined the group and parked there butt in the spot, the group let out a collective gasp. They had no idea what was coming!

The spot was indented from Sheldon’ s buttocks, cushioned perfectly how he likes it. And none of his friends ever sat in the spot (well, maybe not EVER as per this screenshot with a clearly unamused Sheldon). They (usually) knew better and didn’t want to deal with the wrath that would befall them if they even so much as started to squat near his “spot.”

Poor Stewart

Who’s Stewart? He was the lonely, socially awkward comic book store owner who desperately wanted to be part of the group. A somewhat friend (when it was convenient for the group) he didn’t do well with the ladies, or with anything, for that matter, constantly reciting his list of  ailments, failures, and lack of business success.

So this meme with a corny pick-up line accompanied by his face is absolutely perfect. Sure, Stewart would likely never utter such a line to a girl – he’d be too afraid of rejection. But that’s the point.

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