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Big Bang Theory: 10 Times Amy And Penny Were Friendship Goals

Amy and Penny are a completely unexpected match but their relationship on TBBT has been amazing. Here are 10 times they were friendship goals.

If you don’t have great friendships on a show, then you don’t have a great show. As far as the sitcom landscape is concerned, there needs to be a firm friendship featured that fans can hold onto remember.

In The Big Bang Theory, Penny and Amy are one such friendship duo that most fans cherish. They are polar opposites in personality, upbringing, and style, yet they are each other’s best friend.

In order to commemorate this lovely friendship, we’ve listed 10 reasons why we feel these two are friendship goals everyone should want in their lives.

When Amy Got Penny Their Painting

A close up of Amy and Penny's oil painting on TBBT

It was a very hideous painting for sure, but who among us wouldn’t love to have someone dedicate something similar to us? The point of the matter wasn’t that Amy got an ugly painting made, but that she loved Penny just that much.

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On her part too, Penny was pretty nice about it by hanging the painting in her apartment, showing how much she valued Amy. Any normal person would have dumped the painting the first chance they got, but this one remained on the show for its full duration.

When Penny Acknowledged Amy As Her Best Friend

Amy hugging Penny while Penny seems annoyed on TBBT

It wasn’t a big deal when Amy called Penny as her best friend since we knew at the time Amy had no other friends at all. Later on, Amy would hold Penny up in special regard for being her first friend, while Penny wasn’t shown to reflect too much on their friendship.

We got that big moment of acknowledgment eventually when Penny came upon the realization that Amy really was her best friend. It was a great moment because of how guarded Penny always used to be, making this a moment of growth and something that sealed their best friendship.

When Amy Appreciated Penny For Changing Her Life

We might call someone our very best friend, but even friends need some big gesture or direct acknowledgment of this fact. This is why it was such a nice moment when Amy thanked Penny for being responsible for making her life worth living.

We saw this in Season 5, where an appreciative Amy happily reflected on the impact Penny’s friendship had on her – bringing along with it a boyfriend, a friend group, and an active social life. Penny didn’t react too expressively, but this sedate response was exactly how we knew Penny appreciated the sentiment too.

When Amy Ditched The Gang For Ditching Penny

When Raj’s awful sister Priya became part of the group while she dated Leonard, she demanded the latter to cut off ties with Penny, which led to Penny being basically discarded from the group.

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It was only Amy who stuck with Penny at this time, as we saw her ditch hanging out with the group in favor of being with Penny. Amy would even give up being around Sheldon around this point too, and would only return to the gang when Penny was brought back as well. Talk about loyalty, huh?

When Penny Got Amy To Get Out Of Her Comfort Zone

There was no chance for Amy and Sheldon to have gotten together like they did had it not been for Penny. Amy had previously acted aloof like Sheldon, but this had only been a facade that was unraveled by Penny’s influence.

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After Penny made Amy an outgoing person, Amy realized that she liked the idea of dating and also enjoyed socializing. The resulting confident and emotionally mature Amy was the one who went out there and learned how to create relationships with people, and more importantly develop her relationship with Sheldon – all because of Penny’s influence.

When Penny Told Amy About Sheldon’s Plans

Generally, it would be really inappropriate for one to tell someone their boyfriend was planning on hooking up with them, but Penny bailed Amy out of a very awkward encounter with Sheldon by informing her earlier on that Sheldon was finally going to be intimate with her.

This gave Amy the confidence to come to terms with what was about to happen, and also prepare for the encounter appropriately. You can bet Penny must have given Amy lots of advice on how not to mess the big moment up.

When Penny Confronted Sheldon About Amy’s Love

Before the whole thing about Sheldon deciding to get physical with Amy was a reality, Sheldon spent years keeping Amy around purely for the enjoyment of having a girlfriend, not for any physical closeness.

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It was Penny who confronted Sheldon with this, as she shared with the latter that though Amy was with him because she loved him, it wasn’t what a real relationship should be. Amy had been too scared to talk to Sheldon about this, so Penny had taken up the role of the aggressor for her bestie and pushed Sheldon into thinking about the important issue.

When Amy Got Penny To Be Kind

We never saw Penny being an outright jerk during her time on the show, but she shared with Bernadette and Amy that she’d been a mean girl in high school. Although she realized this, Penny didn’t do anything to make up for it, before Amy decided to push her into doing something tangible.

This led to Penny donating the expensive stuff she’d bought for herself over to charity, an act of kindness she’d never done previously and was only convinced to do so because Amy assured her it was the right thing. It was fitting that the previously friendless Amy got the former mean girl of high school to be kind.

When Penny Was Amy’s Maid Of Honor

In the same moment where Penny realized Amy was her best friend, she confronted the latter over her decision to choose Bernadette as her maid of honor. Despite Penny blowing up in her face, Amy would be overcome with emotion at how much Penny cared and shoved Howard aside to embrace Penny.

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We knew one way or another Penny would be Amy’s maid of honor, but this moment punctuated how these two were meant to be, as far as being the one person they could rely on is considered.

Because Amy’s Social Life Is Penny

Without Penny in the picture, Amy doesn’t have much of a social life, or at least she would never have had become friends with anyone had it not been for Penny.

Remove Penny, and Amy would only have Bernadette, who is already closer to Penny. Apart from Sheldon, Amy wasn’t as close with the guy’s either, with Penny being the common link that brought them together.

Penny herself never had a stable friend on the show before Amy, and her friendship with Bernadette became strong because Amy was there to form their trio. They both needed the other in order to survive the pressures of society and making it in the world.

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