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“I used to hate that N**ga,” When ferocious Mike Tyson almost fought 50 Cent during Floyd Mayweather’s arrest

Despite being two of the most skilled boxers of their generations Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather did not get along very well

Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather are two of the most skilled and famous boxers of their era. Tyson during his prime was one of the most dominant fighters on the planet. His destructive prowess and explosiveness let Tyson knock the heads off most of his opponents. Meanwhile, Mayweather has the greatest defensive techniques in the sport of boxing. He is the most successful boxer and has made billions through his fighting career.

While both fighters don’t usually get along, they have tremendous respect for each other. Mike Tyson even once showed up at rapper 50 Cent‘s house before Floyd Mayweather was going to get arrested. Tyson was angry with Mayweather and expressed the same to 50 Cent. “I used to hate that n***a. I broke my TV every time that n***a fought, ” said Tyson. Tyson’s angry rant had 50 Cent confused and he almost felt like Iron Mike wanted to pick a fight. Tyson’s whole demeanor and the way he conversed changed while ranting about Mayweather.

However, Mike Tyson also had tremendous respect for Floyd Mayweather. After finishing his rant, Tyson cooled down and started to talk rationally. “The n** is just that good, he’s good. I’m glad you with that n**, help him. He gon keep going, he gon keep spending money, he’s me 50,” said Tyson. After giving the whole speech he sat in his truck and left.

While 50 Cent appreciated Tyson’s advice, he was scared. The rapper almost thought he would have to fight the great Mike Tyson, the way Tyson showed up at his gate. However, things took a turn for the good and an altercation did not occur then.

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