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Big Bang Theory: 10 Hilarious Howard Memes That Are Too Funny

The Big Bang Theory gave us so many laughs but Howard was one of the kings of the terrible quip. Here are 10 of his best lines, preserved as memes.

It’s strange now to think of Howard as the weird one of the friend group in The Big Bang Theory since he was a one-woman man for about a decade until the show’s end, but Howard had started out like a hound who could not get around without being inappropriate.

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Due to this, most of Howard’s memes are relatively old, as he was at his funniest when he was incessantly trying to get a girlfriend. Also, because of his one-note personality back in the day, the majority of Howard memes you’ll find are puns that are extremely cheesy pick-up lines that only desperate guys will use. Still, these 10 memes are guaranteed to make you laugh.

Who Needs Quora?

This is actually a testimony to how long The Big Bang Theory was on-air because this meme was made way back around 2008-09. At that time, Yahoo Answers was all the rage for people with queries, and the younger internet user will be unsure what the joke here is.

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Basically, just replace Yahoo Answers with Quora and you’ll get the joke. Back then, you could find just about every answer you wanted on Yahoo Answers, which makes this a very appropriate pick-up line on Howard’s part. Too bad there’s no girl who would have asked him a question to begin with.

Do You Even Watch The Show?

You can find cheap imitations of just about everything in the world, and The Big Bang Theory is a popular enough show that lame products are made by those who’ve never watched the show. Case in point is this USB line, the makers of whom have no idea what they’re doing.

For one, that’s Leonard Hofstader they’ve got as a figurine for a USB, but the bozos who’ve made the packaging had no clue who Leonard was because it’s titled as Howard Wolowitz. To top it off, the creator of this meme has poked more fun at the incorrectness by claiming that’s actually Sheldon Cooper’s figurine.

Puns Galore

You don’t need to be a genius to get what Howard means here, because the context makes you understand what kind of reaction he’s getting. Still, it’s not a bad line to use if you want to impress a girl who’s into science.

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People who are interested in particular things don’t mind wordplay concerning their area of interest, so maybe Howard missed a chance to pick up some girl at a genius bar. Then again, with a line that focuses so hard on the pun, odds are Howard would’ve gotten someone with the same personality as him. Now that would just have been weird.

Smooth Mr. Wolowitz

Okay, call us lame, but we actually think this a pretty good line. After all, this is the kind of wordplay that is sure to break the ice. And it’s not even something that should be restricted just as a pick-up line, because it can double very well as a joke.

Another funny thing about this is that you can also picture Howard using this very clearly. We can also imagine the person receiving this compliment to be Penny, who would have no doubt rolled her eyes and probably walked away in exasperation.

Harry Potter’s Howard

There will be a lot of contention over whether this meme is right or wrong, but you can probably discern some of Howard’s features in Professor Remus Lupin. Even funnier is that there were four friends in James Potter’s crew, which is exactly how it was for the boy gang on The Big Bang Theory.

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Since Remus Lupin’s hair wasn’t exactly known to be fashionable, perhaps Howard Wolowitz might be his group’s Lupin. People might be inclined to think of him as Peter Pettigrew, but Sheldon’s cowardice makes him a bigger candidate for that role.

Perfect Product Placement

The Big Bang Theory and Axe body spray would have made millions through promotion had they had this collaboration. After all, the Axe Chocolate Man was a character who was all about the ladies, the same as a certain Mr. Wolowitz.

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Not only that, but you can see just how much the two looked alike. How awesome would it have been had we seen Howard Wolowitz appear in an Axe commercial; at least here he would have had seen girls actually be interested in him. Or maybe Bernadette was interested in him because Howard was using Axe?

What’s Your Secret, Howard?

From the little glimpses we got of Howard’s mom, the woman certainly looked like all she ate was briskets, but Howard himself looked kind of like a toothpick with bushy hair. While Mrs. Wolowitz was alive, all Howard ever mentioned of her cooking was brisket, but it doesn’t seem as if that’s all he ate.

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If that is indeed true, then you’ve got to hand it to Howard for keeping his weight. Howard was known to go extra lengths to impress girls, so staying thin might be his most underrated piece of dedication.

Break It Down!

You might never have considered this before, but Howard’s room had a large assortment of Easter Eggs. Since whenever we saw Howard he was being an absolute weirdo, so the eye didn’t fall straight onto the interesting things around him.

The person behind this meme has shrewdly pointed out that Howard must be a WWE fan, as his lightsabers are reminiscent of D-Generation X’s logo. The wrestling faction was famous for having glowsticks that met in the middle to form an ‘X’, and Howard’s wall reflects just that, complete with DX’s trademark green color.

Hats Off For Creativity

If you really do find Howard’s puns here charming, then be sure to keep this one as part of your arsenal. Out of all the memes we’ve seen so far, you’ll have the best shot of this one working because it requires a certain amount of knowledge to be understandable.

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The pun here is that all the words in “Beautiful” are formed through abbreviations of elements in a scientific context. This means that if you have a girl you like in your chemistry class, or if you like someone who’s got a job in research, then this should be your go-to line.

We Need A Wolowitz Repellent

Seeing as Howard has been married for a long time now and his days of being a freak are over, we don’t feel guilty in likening his Season 1-3 self as a fly. It makes sense too because Howard was always buzzing around any woman he saw to land in the zone and try to hit on her.

We only saw this happen in short bursts, but in-universe it must have been very exasperating to be hanging out with Howard, considering he would divert all his attention away immediately when he saw a girl and would ditch anyone he was with just to get swatted away as any fly would. Oh well, at least now his fly days are long gone.

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