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Big Bang Theory: The 10 Worst Things Amy Has Ever Done, Ranked

On The Big Bang Theory, Amy Farrah-Fowler is easily the most likable character. But she's done her share of awful things on the show. For example...

While Sheldon may have a problem with the adage, “the more the merrier”, it certainly applies to The Big Bang Theory. Initially, the sitcom was about a group of nerdy guys, but when a few girls are added to the mix, it livens up the popular series even more. Among the ladies, Amy Farrah-Fowler is by far the nerdiest. She dresses like a fusty schoolmarm, writes Little House on the Prairie fan fiction, and is brand new to the whole “having friends” thing.

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While the rest of her group makes an Olympic sport out of hurling insults, Amy is a delightful person to be around. But that doesn’t mean she’s perfect. She’s been known to make the occasional social gaffe and can sometimes be downright disrespectful. Here is Big Bang Theory: The 10 Worst Things Amy Has Ever Done, Ranked.

Lies to Sheldon and Penny

Bernadette and Amy drinking cocktails out of large glasses in a bar in TBBT

When the people you love are being a little too extra, sometimes you need a break. Amy and Bernadette find themselves in this position, both tired about Sheldon and Penny’s respective complaining. Thus, the girls lie about their whereabouts and go for drinks alone. Finally able to unwind, Amy and Bernadette enjoy other’s company…until they’re caught red-handed.

This isn’t exactly a friendship felony. It’s barely even a misdemeanor. But even white lies can be hurtful when discovered. It would have been a kinder approach for the girls to explain to Sheldon and Penny that they’re sympathetic to their problems, but need a break from hearing about them. That would be leaps and bounds better than getting caught with their metaphorical pants down.

Has a tantrum about Penny not wanting kids

For a self-proclaimed “bestie”, Amy sure isn’t supportive of Penny’s decision not to have children. Women in Penny’s position are constantly shamed, being perceived as “selfish”. Never mind the crestfallen Leonard, according to Amy, Penny should be thinking about her. Apparently, Amy has grand plans for her kids and Penny’s kids to be friends.

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Historically, Amy has relished the idea of being Penny’s shoulder to cry on, whether she needs one or not. Here’s any instance where Penny actually does, or could at least use a sympathetic ear, and Amy flies into a tirade. Who’s really the selfish one here?

Lets Ricky the monkey smoke in her apartment

Amy is a neurobiologist who frequently works with animals. One experiment involves exploring addiction in primates. Whether or not you find this kind of research unethical, giving a monkey a cigarette like it’s a toy veers much closer into animal cruelty territory. Amy’s reasoning for the cigarette is that she’s already killing him as part of her research, so why not make him comfortable? Even when doing the wrong thing, Amy is still trying to be a good person, but her logic is definitely flawed.

Is a jerk to Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton as Wil Wheaton in The Big Bang Theory

It turns out that Sheldon’s Youtube show, “Fun with Flags” is anything but. Go figure. Yes, it answers all the questions you didn’t ask about flags, but behind the scenes, tension brews. This comes to a head when Sheldon asks former nemesis Wil Wheaton to be a guest on the show.

Many believe that Wil is the aggressor here, but it’s actually Amy. She repeatedly criticizes Wil’s delivery and when he mentions that he’s doing this for free, Amy replies that they’re still not getting their money’s worth. That is a witty, but rather harsh burn. Wil tries to be patient but eventually calls Amy out as a “pain in the ass.” It’s hardly the most diplomatic thing to say, but Wil’s kinda-sorta right. We’ve seen Wil be exceedingly obnoxious before and this isn’t one of those times.

Exploits Penny’s heartbreak

Big Bang Theory - Kaley Cuoco as Penny

Leonard and Priya are one of the least shipworthy couples of the series. Characters and viewers alike loathe this pairing. But Amy was not among their number. Quite the opposite, Amy’s delighted because it gave her a chance to bond with Penny in hatred toward her ex’s new squeeze.

So imagine Amy’s disappointment when Penny gives the relationship her blessing. This just won’t do. Amy goes out of her way to state a case why Priya is better for Leonard than Penny. Ouch. But Amy has even more to gain by Penny’s heartbreak—Amy wants to monitor Penny’s brainwaves when she’s crying for the purpose of an experiment.

Is a terrible date to Stuart

In many ways, Stuart is perfect for Amy. They’re both well-meaning, awkward people, who treat loneliness like a second skin. Though Amy’s involved with Sheldon, they aren’t official. Stuart sees a golden opportunity and, with Sheldon’s blessing, asks Amy out.

The date goes fantastically and Stuart can’t believe his sheer luck at having scored such a “dynamite lady”. But before we can officially ship Stamy, Sheldon changes his mind. He interrupts Stamy’s date at the movies, asking Amy to be his girlfriend. She accepts.

Amy has a right to be with whomever she wants, but agreeing to go steady with one man while on a date with another is just cold. Stuart, bless his doormat soul, sees the rest of the date through and even walks Amy home.

Becomes the maid of honor from hell

Amy in her lab with the girls in The Big Bang Theory

Maid of honor is one of the hardest jobs there is. It requires steely selflessness to be emotional Secret Service to the bride. You need the right person.

Bernadette maybe should have thought twice about asking Amy to be her maid of honor purely out of guilt. We get that Amy has likely never been asked to be in a bridal party, but she takes things a bridge too far by declaring Howard and Bernadette’s wedding as her special day. When it looked like the wedding would be called off, Amy was sadder for herself than Bernadette. But the icing on the (wedding) cake is Amy growing irate when Howard and Bernadette decide to have a quickie wedding.

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Guilts Penny into hanging the world’s ugliest painting

Painting of Amy and Penny that Amy gave her in TBBT

We’ll always cringe at Amy’s “bestie” days, when she clung to Penny like a barnacle. This culminates in Amy commissioning a massive—and massively ugly—painting of her and Penny. Amy’s so deluded that she doesn’t even noticed Penny’s pained expression in the painting. Amy presents Penny with this monstrosity of a gift…that she paid $3000 for. Penny hangs it up but takes it down at first opportunity, only for Amy to work the guilt-trip. Thus, Penny re-hangs the painting and it stays there until she moves out.

Belittles Howard’s achievements

Compared to her boyfriend, Amy has the social grace of Emily Post. But there is an instance that finds Amy taking up one of Sheldon’s more unpleasant habits—belittling Howard’s achievements. She even goes so far as to refer to Howard’s space travel as his “little moment in the sun.” That’s petty enough, but saying it to Bernadette is just plain cruel. And also a straight-up dumb idea considering what an emotional hell-demon Bernadette can be. Bernie wastes no time in getting right down in the muck with Amy, slinging low blows about Amy and Sheldon’s lack of a sex life. Both women say some ugly things but Amy totally started it.

Stays with Sheldon way too long

It’s hardly a hot take to say that Sheldon was a terrible boyfriend throughout most of his relationship with Amy. And that’s not her fault. But here’s the thing—Sheldon is no charlatan. He never paints himself as a certain type of suitor in order to woo Amy only to flip the script when he had her in his clutches. He makes it blatantly clear that he requires little to no intimacy in a relationship and expects to give little in return.

Initially Amy is not only onboard but presents herself the same way. But then she changes. Having more solid friendships with Penny and the gang, Amy realizes that she closed off a part of herself. That’s great that she’s growing, but for the longest time, Sheldon wasn’t. We’re happy that Shamy got their happily ever after, but in an alternate universe, Amy should have been with someone who deserved her. *Cough…Stuart*

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