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Virginia Moore’s loved ones gather for her celebration of life

A celebration of life was held Sunday for Team Kentucky’s sign language interpreter, Virginia Moore.

Moore stood alongside and interpreted for Governor Andy Beshear during the Coronavirus pandemic and was revered for her larger-than-life personality when she signed.

Moore loved being an advocate for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community and during the pandemic, she was a rock for Kentuckians.

So Sunday, her friends and loved ones wanted to make sure they reciprocated the joy she gave people in their darkest moments.

Before you saw her on TV next to Governor Andy Beshear every day during the pandemic, Virginia Moore was an advocate.

Moore was born into a primarily deaf family and learned American Sign Language as her first language.

Something her sister Karen Henry said Virginia was truly proud of.

“My mother used to always tell her, put your hands lower, don’t sign,” Henry began. “And she would get up and say, ‘Mom stop, everyone needs to see this. I am proud of signing, I am proud to be a part of this community.’ And she is hearing, but she taught us to be proud of her deafness.”

Moore kept that same energy during her 28 years as a professional interpreter, and her brother said he enjoyed watching her energy fill the room.

“The way that she signs is in a very soft-natured manner,” her brother Dick Moore said. “She was just able to be warm and inviting to attract people.”

These characteristics fed her popularity.

Moore was known not just around Kentucky, but around the world, and Governor Beshear credits her for saving lives during the pandemic.

“She would make those difficult and scary moments a little less scary,” Beshear said. “But she would make those funny moments, those heart-warming moments, those moments when we need to see the good in humanity that much more real. Virginia made sure we truly connected all across Kentucky.”

Hundreds gathered to say goodbye, and hundreds of others sent their love to the family.

A testament the family said they’re grateful for.

“You watched Virginia for many years and I want to thank you all for supporting Virginia and I want you all to celebrate her life,” Dick said.

Governor Beshear said Moore led with kindness, love, compassion and inclusion, and she will be greatly missed.

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