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Big Bang Theory: 10 Hilarious Leonard Memes That Are Too Funny

The Big Bang Theory is a show filled with laughs, but the internet's best memes about Leonard keep the laughter going after the series has ended.

Big Bang Theory may be over, but that won’t stop us fans from enjoying some of the best memes the series created. Some of these memes are perfect for fans of the series as a whole, while others are truly outstanding and hilarious when focused on a single character.

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Naturally, Sheldon Cooper has the most memes surrounding his character. But Leonard Hofstadter is a close(ish) second. His memes have made it far and wide on the internet and are guaranteed to give fans a good chuckle. Here are ten of our favorite memes surrounding our favorite theoretical physicist. We hope you enjoy these as much as we did!

What MC?

Okay, time to fess up: who here has introduced themselves in the James Bond manner? In their head if nothing else. Everyone? Good. That’s probably one of the reasons this meme is so funny – imaging our nerdy little Leonard being introduced in a way worthy of James Bond himself.

On a side note, we have to say that we’re digging the background for this meme. It fits the character perfectly, as well as the show as a whole. It’s a nice touch in what could have otherwise been simply a clever meme.

Dated Plenty Of Women

So we know that this is more of a quote than a meme…but the sass is just too real to ignore. And we always love reminders about some of our favorite quotes from Big Bang Theory. Especially from the earlier seasons!

And you’ve got to admit, Sheldon does actually have a point here – even if it wasn’t polite to have pointed it out (one generally lets their friends get away with little statements like that, yes?). But it makes us laugh, so who’s complaining?

Claims To Be Nerdy

While there are no hard and fast rules to being nerdy – there are certainly specific behaviors, attributes, or actions that do or do not fit into the classification. And then there are things a nerd can do that simply baffle everyone else out there – such as their choice of safety software.

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We love this meme because it pointed out a little tidbit that most of us were quite possibly content to ignore. Or maybe never even noticed. Either way, it gave us the chance to have a good laugh about it.

Step Brother

Big Bang Theory meets Step Brother…why does this combination match up so perfectly? Oh right, because of the characters involved. Sheldon has always been a needy and demanding character – even in the best of times. So picturing him as the Step Brother in this situation…amplifies all of that.

But seriously, how quickly do you think one of them would have resorted to murder, had they been suddenly forced to share a bedroom together? Because our money is on it not being all that long.

Live With Cats!

Remember that infamous episode where Sheldon ended up with dozens of cats? This meme went a lot way in recalling all of those moments. And, of course, it reminded us of Leonard’s opinion on the matter.

It sure sounds like Leonard’s aunt Nancy didn’t have a good time of things. And while we sympathize for her here, it’s clear that Leonard went down the ‘traumatized for life’ route…which we can hardly blame him for.

Friend Zone

Regardless on if you believe the friendzone is actually a thing, you’ve got to admit that this meme is chuckle worthy. The whole series started off with Leonard having an immediate infatuation with Penny.

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As the series progressed, he learned to focus less on his expectations and hopes for their relationships, and instead just enjoy her company. Perhaps that is why their relationship ended up going further? Who can say? But we sure are happy for our adorable little nerd!

Have You Considered Telling Her How You Feel?

This quote does a lot about summing up how both Leonard and Sheldon deal with different situations. And how they’ve set their expectations and assumptions. For example, most people would probably not assume that talking about your feelings equals being a hippie. But apparently in the mind of Sheldon Cooper, this jump in logic makes complete sense.

It actually explains quite a lot about the situations that Sheldon has found himself in, over the years. Doesn’t it? On the bright side, that left plenty of room for fans to laugh and be delighted by his antics, so we’re not complaining.

Penny’s Little Homunculus

Who doesn’t want a homunculus to call their own? And think! This homunculus would be smart enough to handle any homework or otherwise boring task that you’d never want to touch! Gone are the days when you’d have to rely on a daft homunculus.

But seriously, we adore this meme. It captures our golden trio perfectly – Sheldon’s sass and snarks, Leonard’s size (or lack thereof), and Penny’s lack of understanding along with her willingness to always be cheerful. It’s perfect, isn’t it?

Imaginary Babies

Remember this quote? It’s got to be from what, the first or second episode? It’s a classic – and showed off Leonard’s immediate infatuation with the hopeful actress. And while we don’t blame him for crushing hard on her – jumping on the baby train was probably a bit premature (even if it did eventually work out for him).

Still At the Nerd Table

We sympathize with you there Leonard. But just remember – we all have our passions and hobbies. Even if some of them are considered to be nerdier than others, for whatever reason. Then again, most of us don’t spend our lunches hanging out with people like Sheldon, Raj, and Howard, so there’s that.

We give credit to these nerds for knowing what they like – and for not being ashamed of it. On the whole, at least. Sometimes they’ll try and hide their nerdy nature, for the sake of impressing somebody (usually a girl), but other times they’ll truly embrace it. And we love them for that.

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