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D&D Alignments Of The Big Bang Theory Characters

The Big Bang Theory is a show about nerds, so of course, it makes sense that all the characters would have their own D&D alignments!

In 2007, The Big Bang Theory, the brainchild of Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, started airing on CBS and poked fun at nerd life as we know it. Viewers met the upright, Star Trek-loving Sheldon Cooper and the wannabe ladies’ man Leonard Hofstadter, who lived together across the hall from the charming Penny. Slowly, their worlds began to collide, and all their friends from Raj to Howard to Bernadette grew up into fine adults.

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Meanwhile, there’s another way to measure a person: the morality alignment chart from Dungeons & Dragons! Leonard and Sheldon would know a thing or two about that, but this chart can be used on anyone, not just elf archers or necromancers. If someone were to use this chart on the cast of The Big Bang Theory, how might that turn out?

Lawful Good: Sheldon

Sheldon raising his eyebrows in surprise in The Big Bang Theory

At first, it may tempting to categorize Sheldon as lawful neutral, since he’s hardly the life of the party. But ultimately, despite his very quirky ways, Dr. Cooper is a good person, as he’ll stand up for his friends the best way he knows how. Despite his constant snide comments, he’ll come to any friend’s defense and watches over them.

Meanwhile, he loves a good routine, and everything must be neat and in its place at all times! He’s got a chart, graph, and schedule for just about any aspect of his life, most of all his beloved Spot on the couch. Free spirit? No. Reliable? Very!

Neutral good: Rajesh and Leonard

Raj looking serious on The Big Bang Theory

This will be a double category. Raj is one of the “original four” of the nerdy characters in this show, and like Sheldon and Raj, he knows ho to look after a friend in need. Raj’s big heart is one of his most endearing aspects, and he’ll buy someone a nice dinner, take them out, or just provide a shoulder to cry on and ask for nothing in return. He’s not especially routine-oriented like Sheldon nor a party animal like Howard, so he falls under the neutral good category quite snugly.

Much of the same can be said for Leonard Hofstandter, who is not quite as schedule-oriented as Sheldon, but he’s a smart guy who can easily look after himself. Of the original four, Leonard is the most grounded and level-headed, and rarely will he mock or torment anyone around him. If Leonard is quick to make a mistake, he’s even quicker eto go and fix it, and many times, Penny has commented on how dependable he is, and what a good friend he is to Sheldon.

Chaotic good: Penny

This mostly describes Penny in the first six or seven seasons, before she settled into that pharmaceutical sales rep job. She’s a major foil for the four guys, loving a good party or adventure out on the town.

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Penny has plenty of friends and is quite extroverted and expressive, and you never know if she’ll go on a ladies’ night to Las Vegas or go clubbing with the girls. But she’s also a kind soul, and she almost single-handedly helped the four guys break out of their timid shells and explore the world around them.

Lawful neutral: Bernadette

Melissa Rauch as Bernadette in TBBT

Bernadette first appeared in season 3 as Penny’s waitress friend, earning pocket money while finishing her doctorate degree in microbiology. Bernadette runs a tight household, and while she has solid friendships, she is not the type to “party it up” every night.

That kind of lifestyle is the exception! Later on, she and Howard form a smooth and solid household with two children. But let’s be honest; 90% of that was thanks to Bernadette’s hard work!

True neutral: Stuart

Stuart Bloom in the comic book store

He’s a supporting character, and a bit of a foil to the guys since he’s not constantly scheming new ways to meet women. He’s more down to earth, and runs his own business, too.

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Stuart rarely shows many aspirations or goals, and he mostly just keeps his head down and runs his store (and rebuilds it after a fire). He’s still a solid friend, though, and he and Amy enjoyed a few quality dates together in season 4 (mostly off-screen).

Chaotic neutral: Amy

In the relationship known as “ShAmy,” it is Amy Farrah Fowler who likes to shake things up a little. At first, Amy is practically a mirror of Sheldon, but it doesn’t take long for her to grow attached to Penny and start living a new lifestyle!

Amy grew up in a strict household, so now, she delights in trying out new things, from bikini waxes to new clothes to going clubbing with friends, and more. Fly free, Amy!

Lawful evil: Howard

Howard talking on the phone and looking surprised on TBBT

There’s just no better way to describe Howard Wolowitz, is there? Like Penny, he started to tone it down as the show went on, but in early seasons, he was a real firecracker. Not that anyone enjoyed it; he was infamous for his womanizing exploits, and according to Raj, a local strip club named a pole after him!

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Howard annoys and irritates nearly every girl he hits on, and he’s petty and selfish quite consistently. Fortunately, he does have a solid friendship with Raj, and he proved a fine boyfriend and later husband to Bernadette. As for “lawful,” Howard kept careful track of all his womanizing strategies and ideas, not unlike the handbook that Barny Stinson from How I Met Your Mother made for himself.

Neutral evil: Leslie Winkle

Leslie Winkle with her hands on her waist

The scientist Leslie Winkle was most prominent in the earlier seasons, acting as as of bridge between Penny and the four guys. She’s not especially upright nor wild, so she fits into the “neutral” slot. As for “evil”? Leslie is not a cruel person, but he does trade barbs with Sheldon, and will often call him “idiot” as a casual greeting.

Not to mention how she abruptly broke up with Leonard after Leonard failed to take her side in a physics argument! She looks out for her own pleasure most of all, and won’t commit to anyone who annoys her even slightly.

Chaotic evil: Emily

To be more specific, this is a character who appeared briefly in season 5, and never again. But even in the span of one episode, Emily proved herself to be chaotic evil. She is deaf, and this made her a compatible date for Raj and his social anxiety with women. They hit it off, with Howard acting as the interpreter, but things took a turn for the worse!

Emily quickly took advantage of Raj’s generosity and wealth, and when Penny and Howard confronted her, she cursed at them (through sign language) and stormed off. Later, when Raj had to give up his connection to the family wealth to keep his relationship, Emily dumped him at once, favoring jewels over love any day. It’s likely that she’s done this with other boyfriends, too! A serial exploiter, looking out for herself? Chaotic evil for sure!

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