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Al Pacino Goes Back to Ex-Girlfriend Beverly D’Angelo as 29 Year Old Current Girlfriend Set to Extend Godfather Star’s Bloodline

Al Pacino, the iconic star of The Godfather, is once again in the spotlight. This time, it’s not for his outstanding acting career, but rather for his complex love life.  The 83-year-old has rekindled his relationship with former partner Beverly D’Angelo, all while guiding the complexity of his relationship with girlfriend Noor Alfallah, who is currently expecting a child.

Al Pacino 2
Actor, Al Pacino

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However, curiously, Pacino himself has expressed uncertainty about his role as the father in Alfallah’s pregnancy. This unexpected twist has engaged public interest, fueling speculation and leaving many curious about the complexities of Pacino’s romantic journey.

Al Pacino Reunites With Ex-Partner Beverly D’Angelo Amid Girlfriend’s Pregnancy

In a remarkable twist of fate, renowned actor Al Pacino has recently reunited with his former partner, Beverly D’Angelo.

In the middle of an exciting family moment, the most influential actor of the 20th century was spotted spending time with his ex-girlfriend, Beverly D’Angelo, on June 11. 

Al Pacino
Al Pacino Spotted With His Ex-Partner, Beverly D’Angelo

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The couple went on an adventure at an escape room in Los Angeles with their 22-year-old twins, Anton and Olivia. The Scarface star displayed effortless style in an all-black ensemble, featuring sleek black pants, a V-neck shirt, and a black sports jacket, elegantly accessorized with a scarf.

Meanwhile, the 71-year-old known for her role in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, looked equally chic donning a black blazer and a black-and-white striped top.

Engrossed in conversation, the former couple sat outside the escape room on a small ledge, intriguing onlookers about the nature of their reunion.

As Noor Alfallah, Pacino’s current girlfriend, anticipates the arrival of their first child together, previous reports suggest that the artist has requested a DNA test to ascertain paternity. These unexpected circumstances have sparked intense curiosity and speculation among fans and media outlets alike.

Al Pacino Had Demanded A Paternity Test For Noor Alfallah’s Baby

Pacino had previously insisted on a paternity test to confirm his status as the father of his girlfriend’s baby. The rumors of a romance between Pacino and Alfallah first emerged in April 2022, with multiple sources revealing that their relationship began during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Al Pacino
The GodFather Star, Al Pacino, And His Current Girlfriend, Noor Alfallah

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Despite his belief that a medical issue had made him infertile, the House Of Gucci actor was taken by surprise when his 29-year-old partner informed him of her pregnancy two months ago, marking his fourth child.

Further, the insider disclosed that Pacino and Alfallah had no existing relationship, and lawyers had been involved in the matter for several months. 

Remarkably, Alfallah had kept her pregnancy a secret from Pacino for the initial 11 weeks. The news came as such a shock to Pacino that he immediately demanded a pre-natal DNA test.

Allegedly, Pacino initially doubted the paternity of the child and requested the test, which his girlfriend willingly conceded with.

The test ultimately confirmed Pacino’s biological connection to the baby, leaving him “shocked” but assured of his role as a father once again.

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