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Muhammad Ali’s grandson Biaggio Ali Walsh’s has a double life: nightclub security by night, cage fighter by day

Ali Walsh works has a security guard in Vegas.

Muhammad Ali‘s grandson, Biaggio Ali Walsh, is making waves in the MMA world while also working as a nightclub security guard. The 24-year-old fighter, currently signed to the Professional Fighters League, shared: “They’ve got me in the DJ booth right now, so me and my colleague, that’s our area.” He enjoys his position, focusing solely on the booth and escorting talent after their performances. Biaggio works on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday, sometimes finishing as late as 4 am. He admitted, “Oh, they get rowdy. For sure.”

Biaggio, who once received a certificate of appreciation from the police for preventing an assault, doesn’t mind the confrontations. “I’m a fighter, I’m kind of used to confrontation. But it’s cool, it’s fun, I enjoy it, and they pay me well”, he said. His supervisor, a former fighter, understands his training schedule and supports him. Biaggio considers the job a great way to make extra money.

Despite his famous surname, Biaggio receives no special treatment at the Xtreme Couture gym where he trains. Working at the nightclub door, he finds it amusing that partygoers have no idea about his legendary bloodline. Biaggio shared: “My mum always told us that we were going to have to work a little bit harder if we were to be successful in sports, just because of the name.”

He embraces the challenge and strives to work harder, following the advice his grandfather gave him as a kid to stay humble. Biaggio treasures being grounded and maintains a strong relationship with God, which adds to his humility.

He can’t compete in the PFL season


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As an amateur fighter, Biaggio is ineligible to compete in the PFL‘s $1 million winner-take-all season. However, he has participated in two amateur bouts with the PFL and is set to face Travell Miller for another experience-building fight. Biaggio expressed his focus on gaining as much experience as possible, saying, “I just want to fight…and get as much experience as possible.”

Biaggio Ali Walsh continues to navigate his path in MMA, determined to find the right mentality and style as he progresses in his career.

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