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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Best Cameos In The Series

Let us be clear - there are A LOT of cameos, and they're all great, but some must come out on top. In case you've forgotten, here are 10 of the best.

Our favorite sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, finished its twelfth and final season this year. We will always love this cast and this hilarious show, and we’re probably going to re-watch it over and over again until the end of time. While there have been many episodes, it goes without saying that there have been a lot of characters that have come and gone from the series. Some characters have been recurring, and others have been hilarious and wonderful cameos by some of your favorite celebrities.

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Let us be clear – there are A LOT of cameos, and they’re all great, but some must come out on top. In case you’ve forgotten, here are the best 10 cameos throughout the series of the show. For all geeks and nerds everywhere, prepare to get way too excited all over again.

Stan Lee

In season 3, “The Excelsior Acquisition”, this comic-book legend makes a cameo when Sheldon and Penny show up at his house. Remember, they were uninvited and definitely unannounced. Stan Lee is wearing a Fantastic Four robe, and he eventually gets a restraining order against Sheldon, and that’s really all that matters about this encounter.

This was definitely one of our all-time favorite cameos on the show, and nerds everywhere definitely lost their minds. RIP, Stan, we love you forever.

George Takei

In “The Hot Troll Deviation” in season 4, this brilliant and hilarious man guest-starred for one of Howard’s twisted fantasy dreams. He literally plays himself, a lovable and eccentric man wearing a Star Trek uniform. He gives fantasy Bernadette advice, and let’s not forget that Battlestar Galactica‘s Katee Sackhoff was also there in this episode.

All in all, this was a hilarious set of cameos, and this Star Trek alum was a perfect addition to the show. Plus, no one can deny that George Takei has a heart of gold.

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Charlie Sheen

While this man isn’t the best role model out there, we still loved his cameo. In “The Griffin Equivalency”, this Two and a Half Men alum meets Raj at the Cheesecake Factory, and the interaction is pretty hilarious. You’ll remember that Raj tells the famous actor that he’s going to be in People magazine, which Sheen reacts by saying to call him after he’s on the cover.

This is iconic and is definitely one of our favorite cameos of the series. It’s funnier that Raj is totally oblivious to this man’s fame, and we loved every second of it.

Carrie Fisher

It’s probably not surprising that most of the cameos in this series are from sci-fi, fantasy, or “geek” related things, to say the least. Carrie Fisher is no exception, and Princess Leia has a hilarious cameo that included a baseball bat. If that wasn’t enough, she reacts this way when Sheldon and James Earl Jones show up at her house after playing ding-dong ditch with doorbells around the neighborhood.

For Star Wars fan everywhere, we’re betting you might have just had a casual freak-out on your living room couch. We know we did, so we’re definitely not judging.

Howie Mandel

This cameo comes in the form of a hilarious mix-up, when Howard returns home from space in season 6, episode 4. Wearing his NASA jacket, the crowd in front of him is chanting “Howie”, which he mistakes as praise for himself. Meanwhile, the famous comedian, game-show host, and AGT judge was actually right behind him.

This was a hilarious and very small cameo, but it was definitely one of our favorites. We especially love when Howie thinks Howard is a delusional man who thinks he went to space. Poor Howard.

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James Earl Jones

James Earl Jones Big Bang Theory

Yes, you probably saw this coming. This is one of our favorite cameos, and it’s probably because this man is a legend and his role on the show is so lovable and over-the-top that it stole all of our hearts. Sheldon and James Earl Jones do karaoke, ride a Ferris wheel, and even do doorbell ditching (where they meet the wonderful Carrie Fisher).

While he may play Darth Vader, this man is literally a giant teddy bear, and this was definitely one of the most hilarious cameos of the series. “Hey Los Angeles, I’m on a Ferris wheel with Darth Vader, and he’s nicer than you think!”

Octavia Spencer

This brilliant, Academy Award-winning actress plays none other than the hard-ass woman at the DMV, who Sheldon must interact with when he goes to get his learner’s permit. In season 2, episode 5, Spencer’s character finally relents and tells him to “go away”, after Sheldon’s annoyance finally brings her to concede.

We love Octavia Spencer, and this cameo is hilarious for movie fans, and of course for all fans of this brilliant and talented woman. Sheldon can even wear down this powerhouse, apparently.

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Stephen Hawking

This genius actually appears in a handful of episodes, starting in 2013 and ending in 2017. And, honestly, we actually love that he was given this role on the show. Not only is it incredibly fitting, but it’s also super awesome to see him participating in a popular sitcom and cracking a bunch of jokes, while still being an absolute genius.

We’ll never forget Sheldon and him playing Words with Friends, or when he totally fooled Sheldon and Leonard by cyber-bullying them. We like that he messes with Sheldon, to say the least. RIP to this brilliant and wholesome man, and we’re glad this show allowed you to shine.

Elon Musk

In season 9, episode 9, Howard reluctantly joins the gang at a soup kitchen to serve meals to the homeless. He gets stuck in the dish pit by himself, but his spirits are lifted when he meets Tesla’s founder, Elon Musk. And yes, these two share a piece of pumpkin pie while Elon talks about how much he loves volunteering, and while Howard lies that he does, too.

All in all, this cameo was definitely golden, and totally perfect for the show. Also, let’s be honest, it was totally adorable that Elon Musk (any engineer’s idol) asked Howard to hit him up if he needed a job. Our hearts are melting, okay?

Sarah Michelle Gellar

On the series finale, just when we thought this show was done with cameos, they threw in one last one. Raj ends up sitting next to this brilliant actress on the plane to the award ceremony, and she ends up attending with him as his guest. All Buffy fans were probably losing their minds, and we’re more than happy she got to help close off the show.

It’s about time those boys got to meet one of their all-time favs, and we were happy to watch it happen, in all of its absurdity. Plus, we’re happy that Raj got some love this episode.

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