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The Big Bang Theory: Bernadette’s 5 Best Outfits (& 5 Worst)

The Big Bang Theory's Bernadette definitely knew how to dress to impress, though she sometimes failed to pull off a few looks.

Bernadette has a lot of fire and passion for such a small lady, and we love her more than our hearts can take. She definitely keeps Howard in line, and she’s pretty much the reason none of the boys have done anything too ridiculous. She’s hilarious, sarcastic, and totally brilliant, not to mention she probably has the cutest wardrobe on the show.

Since this wonderful sitcom has finally come to an end, we thought we’d throw it back. So, in case you’re looking to dress up as Bernadette for Halloween next year, or you simply need another look at this wonderful woman’s closet, we’ve made a list. Here are Bernadette’s 5 best outfits from the series that we’d totally love to borrow, and 5 that are probably best left on the hangar.

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Worst: The Work Blazer

This isn’t our favorite Penny outfit or Bernadette outfit. Sure, we’re so happy for these brilliant and amazing women, and they are way more than their looks, but we’re not digging either of these blazers. We usually love to see some more color from the colorful Bernadette, and we just don’t think this style suits her very well. Still, she kills it, but we like a lot of her other professional looks way more than this one.

Best: The Red Dress

Bernadette usually dresses cute and modest, so we love it when she throws on a fiery dress. This red gown definitely steals the show, and she looks absolutely radiant in it.

Plus, we love how confidently she struts into the room when Penny announces her arrival. This dress is fire, just like this beautiful and brilliant gal’s personality. We’d like to borrow this one any day, but we’re sure it would look as good on us as it does on her.

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Worst: The Suede & Ruffly Teacher Look

We love most of Bernadette’s skirts and shirts, but we’re not digging this one. For starters, we think the cardigans suit her a lot better than the vests. But mainly, we’re not totally loving the suede skirt, that we can’t really decide the color of, and the leggings that are simply a darker shade of whatever it is. While she always looks adorable, we’re not loving his combo of skirt and ruffly shirt, and it kind of gives us uncomfortable teacher vibes from like, the ’90s or something.

Best: Cinderella

Sure, this is definitely not an “outfit,” but we couldn’t resist throwing in this amazing costume. Out of all the princess dresses, we think Bernadette absolutely slays as Cinderella. None of us look this good in costumes, and we think this would make for a killer Halloween party outfit. She literally looks like she could play the live version of this famous princess, and that dress is doing her so many favors. We love this gown just as much as we love this wonderful gal.

Worst: The Sporty Look

Bernadette kind of gets out of her comfort zone as the series progresses. Mainly, she stops solely wearing cardigans and dresses. For the most part, we love the casual Bernadette wardrobe, but we’re not loving this one.

That shirt looks comfy, so we’re not even mad. However, the red running shoes and the loose-fitting jeans don’t exactly suit this bubbly lady’s personality, and it’s not exactly something we’re looking to steal from her closet.

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Best: Casual Plaid

Here is a casual look we can definitely get behind. We actually love seeing Bernadette move into the big comfy sweaters and over-sized jeans, and we especially love this flannel. We’d borrow it any day, and we think she fits perfectly into the mom role in this while still being a cool and wonderful woman. Seriously, this flannel is beautiful, and we definitely want one for ourselves. Plus, those colors are perfect on Bernadette.

Worst: The Pageant

We couldn’t resist including this train-wreck. Yes, the point of us this outfit is, in fact, to be a train-wreck. So, this list is not about to disagree with that statement. We can’t really see Bernadette as a pageant girl, and this dress definitely solidifies that opinion.

Honestly, the color isn’t even that bad, but we could seriously do without the obnoxious ruffles and gems. She kind of looks like a shower loofah or a human version of Nemo. Anyone else?

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Best: The Iconic Cardigan & Dress

We’d be crazy if we didn’t put her most iconic outfit on this list. Honestly, if you go back and look through all of her outfits over the series, you’ll find out she has about 50 of these cardigans in different colors, and another 50 dresses that are pretty much the exact same but a different pattern or color.

However, this gal wouldn’t be Bernadette without these two clothing items. They’re classic her, and she looks absolutely adorable and stunning in every single one. Plus, it makes it pretty easy to dress up as her for Halloween, so, you’re welcome.

Worst: Loose Jeans & Floral

Again, while we love the transition away from the dresses and cardigans, we’re not totally loving the loose floral shirts and jeans. There’s only so much floral pattern we can take, and we don’t think we really love the material of these tops, either.

Sure, she’s still stunning, but these types of shirts and jeans are some that we probably wouldn’t steal from her closet. We’ve definitely seen better from this gal, and she deserves a bit more spunk in her outfits.

Best: The Wedding Dress

Of course, Bernadette was one of the most beautiful television brides we’ve ever seen. We love this wedding gown, and it is absolutely perfect for this stunning and brilliant woman. It’s more than flattering, and it’s simple yet totally elegant and beautiful.

We could all only hope to have a dress this gorgeous for our own wedding, and she definitely makes a lovely bride. Howard is a lucky guy, and we’re definitely going to go see if we can purchase this dress on the internet. Well, if you know anyone getting married, that is.

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