The Godfather

Al Pacino, 81, started dating Noor Alfallah, 28, during the pandemic

While some were surprised to see Al Pacino, 81, dining out with a woman 53 years his junior, Page Six can confirm he has actually been dating Noor Alfallah, 28, for some time.

Pacino and Alfallah, who comes from a wealthy Kuwaiti American family, were pictured together this week at a group dinner celebrating a new art exhibition featuring the works of painter Julian Schnabel.

Alfallah has previously dated Mick Jagger, 78, billionaire investor and philanthropist Nicolas Berggruen, 60, and has also been spotted out in Los Angeles with 91-year-old Clint Eastwood, who she insisted was a family friend.

One source said, “Pacino and Noor started seeing each other during the pandemic. She mostly dates very rich older men, she was with Mick Jagger for a while, and then she dated Nicholas Berggruen.

Enlarge ImageNoor Alfallah taking a selfie wearing a hat and sunglasses
Alfallah comes from a wealthy Kuwaiti American family.

The source added, “She has been with Al for some time and they get on very well. The age gap doesn’t seem to be a problem, even though he is older than her father.

“She moves with the wealthy jet-set crowd, and she comes from a family with money.”

Pacino and Alfallah were spotted at Felix Trattoria in Venice, Calif., on Saturday night, getting into the same car as they left the restaurant. The dinner went viral after Jason Momoa posted a picture on Instagram that revealed Pacino has a Shrek phone case.

A spokesman for Pacino didn’t comment and Alfallah didn’t return messages.

Enlarge ImageNoor Alfallah with Mick Jagger and Ronnie Wood
She previously dated Mick Jagger.

In 2021, Deadline reported that Noor and sister Remi Alfallah had struck a pod-producing deal with Imagine Entertainment chairman Brian Grazer.

Noor is also vice president of Lynda Obst Productions at Sony. She is reportedly developing two feature films with Obst.

This is the first time Pacino has been seen out with a date since his 2020 breakup from Israeli actress Meital Dohan, who did have a problem with the age gap.

“Weeds” actor Dohan, now 42, said after ending their two-year relationship that the nearly four-decade age gap between them became too difficult.

“It’s hard to be with a man so old, even Al Pacino,” Dohan told Israeli magazine La’Isha.

Enlarge ImageAl Pacino and Noor Alfallah leaving dinner in California
Pacino dined at Felix Restaurant in Venice, Calif., with Alfallah recently.

She added, “I had a fight with him and left him recently, but of course I really love and appreciate him and I was glad to be there for him when he needed me and to be a part of his legacy.”

“It’s an honor for me. I’m glad this relationship happened between us.”

She continued that she hopes to remain friends with the actor, but couldn’t resist a little dig by adding, “He only bought me flowers. How can I say politely that he didn’t like to spend money?”

Pacino, who has three adult children, has a long list of famous girlfriends including Diane Keaton, Penelope Ann Miller and Kathleen Quinlan.

Before Dohan, “The Godfather” star was in a long-term relationship with Argentine actress Lucila Solá, whose daughter Camila Morrone is dating Leonardo DiCaprio.

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