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“You know how f***** up this is”: Comedian Bill Burr once fearlessly roasted Mike Tyson over his fashion choice of extremely tight pants

Mike Tyson is also known as the baddest man on the planet and rightly so. The former heavyweight champion was an animal inside and outside the ring.

Iron Mike’s aggressive fighting style and his fearless approach towards life made it difficult for people to joke around him and most of them were scared of him during his boxing days.

Comedian Bill Burr once hilariously roasted Mike Tyson while taking mushroom

As mentioned earlier, people used to be intimidated by Tyson’s persona and even to date some celebrities and interviewers try to be careful with their words and they make sure that they don’t rub the heavyweight champion wrongly. However, renowned comedian Bill Burr didn’t care about all of this as he roasted Iron Mike for his dressing sense during an episode of Hotboxin with Mike Tyson.

Mike and Bill were having a lot of fun while conversing and during one of the segments, the retired boxer shared how the mushroom are affecting him. After hearing this Bill Burr joked around and said “You know how f****d up this is. He’s shrooming and he is wearing pants like he went riding a horse today. Like side saddle or some s**t.”

Soon after Bill’s comment, the entire crew started laughing at his joke and surprisingly, Mike took the joke very well. The former champion also revealed how his wife trolls him for wearing tight pants and asked Bill Burr to not be like his wife. Over the years, Iron Mike has become relaxed and this is the reason why people have become more comfortable while speaking to him.

Mike Tyson regrets not using cannabis during his boxing career

Many athletes have revealed in the past that using cannabis has helped them improve their performance and made them relax. Mike Tyson is one of them who used cannabis for one of his fights as he revealed in one of the episodes on his podcast In how the medication helped him.

The former heavyweight champion described the experience and also regretted the fact that he should have used cannabis more during his boxing career. “I had one of my greatest fights on cannabis. Yeah, I got detected and had to pay a big fine. It was a great fight.” When asked about his experience he said “Relaxation, it was really a trip. Yeah, I was kind of an animal too. But I stopped him in the second round.”

Iron Mike also disclosed that he was disqualified after getting caught using cannabis and mentioned that it was in 2000 against Andrew Golota. Do let us know in the comments section your thoughts on athletes using cannabis before fights or games.

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