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Big Bang Theory: D&D Character Classes Of The Main Characters

We know the Big Bang Theory gang plays Dungeons and Dragons, but what class would they be in real life?

The Big Bang Theory will always be one of our favorite sitcoms, even if it finally came to end earlier this year in 2019. This cast is one of the most hilarious and dynamic we’d ever had bless our television screen, and we know that you certainly have your favorites (and least favorite) geniuses.

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In case you’re as big of a nerd as this gang, we thought we’d let you know where exactly this group would end up if they were to join the fantasy world of Dungeons & Dragons. In case you’ve ever wondered who you might share a class with, you no longer have to. Without further ado, here are the character classes of the main characters from this popular sitcom.

Bernadette Rostenkowski – Shaman

Bernadette smiling at the camera in the kitchen on TBBT

The Shaman character class is known as the defender and a striker. Bernadette is a wonderful protector, but we know she’s totally feisty when she has to be. This character class heals their allies and disables their foes by gathering spirits. Honestly, Bernadette is pretty good at being a rock and a total warrior on the series. We definitely wouldn’t want to cross her, but we know she’d definitely go to bat for her loved ones. Ultimately, she’s wonderful friend, wife, and mother, and would make a great Shaman.

Mary Cooper – Paladin

This character class is known as the maintainer of the Lawful Good alignment. They use divine magic and are chosen by deities. Mary Cooper is literally the embodiment of warmth and kindness, and she definitely has a strong moral code.

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She’s also a warrior, but she’s righteous through and through. She also strongly relies on her religion, letting her fit nicely in this class. We love this strong and kind woman, and she’s certainly a Paladin.

Raj Koothrappali – Cleric

This character class is a good healer, but they’re also capable of being a fighter. A Cleric is extremely versatile, and they’re mostly skilled in helping others around them. Raj has a heart of gold, and while he may not be the best warrior, he’s gentle, warm, and totally selfless. He’s definitely an incredible friend, and a Cleric is best known for their healing abilities. Therefore, he fits here pretty well.

Stuart Bloom – Monk

Stuart kind of just is, and while we love him to death, he doesn’t offer a whole lot in terms of skills. This character class has little armor and no weapons, but they can move very freely around the battlefield. Their main goal is self-defense, and we think it’s safe to say that Stuart would likely end up in the fetal position in combat. This class is a sweet, free soul, and Stuart fits that bill pretty well.

Penny Hofstadter – Bard

Penny is the most charismatic and socially strong character on the series. This character class is full of jacks-of-all-trades, and they can befriend just about anyone. However, they are also tough as nails, and they are witty and versatile.

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They adapt to any situation thrown their way, and they’re great with words. They work off of emotion and inspiration. Penny is certainly described this way, and this tough gal would be an amazing Bard.

Wil Wheaton – Rogue

This character class is known for being versatile, but they’re certainly capable of being sneaky and using tricks. They’re stealthy, but they’re also smart and nimble. Wil has a kind soul, but he’s always messing with this group in some way or another. He doesn’t like to be on the receiving end of any surprise, but he certainly enjoys backstabbing and the “sneak attack”. We love Wil, but he’s definitely sneaky, and a pretty perfect Rogue.

Amy Farrah Fowler – Bard

It might be surprising that Amy and Penny are in the same character class. However, Amy also demonstrates time and time again how versatile she is. Of course, Amy relies more on her intelligence, but she has a vast knowledge of many different things. She isn’t as charismatic as Penny, but she is definitely able to make deep connections and is great with words and others. Amy is an incredible Bard, and relies on her warmth and brain.

Leonard Hofstadter – Artificer

This character class is best known as using science and their mind as their weapon of choice. They use ingenuity to fight enemies, and aren’t really skilled in direct combat. They are clever, but they’re also pretty versatile, meaning they’re not totally useless at whatever is thrown their way.

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Leonard is definitely reliant on his mind, and we know he’s not super courageous or hands-on. Still, he has many skills, and this makes him a pretty great Artificer.

Dr. Beverly Hofstadter – Psion

Beverly certainly isn’t a warm character. This character class channels psionic energy, allowing them to utilize either telekineses or telepathy to confuse and control their enemies. Honestly, Beverly’s psychological warfare is pretty darn close, and she certainly has everyone wrapped around her finger. Her sole power is her manipulative mind, and this makes her a pretty good Psion.

Howard Wolowitz – Ranger

This character is kind of outlandish. They’re smart and versatile, but they’re not always in tune with the social world. They use longbows because they want to be as far away from their opponent as possible. This character class is known for their skills with handwork, which fits pretty well with Howard being an engineer. They aren’t great warriors, but they are quick and fairly witty. Howard was difficult to place, but he would probably make the best Ranger.

Sheldon Cooper – Wizard

It’s no secret that Sheldon is kind of removed from the physical world. That being said, he’s a great Wizard. Although, like Sheldon, this character is pretty useless at physical combat or confrontation, but they’re pretty intelligent with their mind (or, magic spells if you will). Sheldon compensates for his weakness by having a sharp and quick mind. Plus, we definitely think that Sheldon would love to be a Wizard over just about any other character class.

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