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Mike Tyson Reportedly Partied At Tucker Carlson’s House Before His Fox Interview (And It Got Wild)

In December 2022, Tucker Carlson had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Tyson for his then-Fox Nation talk show, “Tucker Carlson Today.” Tyson is not a typical guest for the political commentator, but Carlson seemed to recognize that the ex-champ’s life was worth digging into. “Mike Tyson has spent almost 40 years at the very pinnacle of American society, then at the very bottom — he went to prison at one point, he’s seen everything,” Carlson shared in the interview’s intro.

Maybe that is why Carlson had a grandiose time with the former boxing legend before cameras rolled for their talk. Tyson reportedly stayed at the former Fox News host’s home and thoroughly enjoyed himself, leaving sobriety at the door. It must have been an unexpected change of pace for the host, who doesn’t drink and blamed violence in America on young men “high on government endorsed weed,” (via Rolling Stone). However, it seems the Carlson the political provocateur and Carlson the personal host are very different.

Mike Tyson got high at Tucker Carlson’s mansion
Tucker Carlson opened his home to Mike Tyson before the two were scheduled to sit down on Carlson’s Fox Nation show — a nice offer when one looks at Carlson’s multiple million-dollar properties. Tyson, however, was prepared to turn down the accommodations because he enjoys smoking — and not cigarettes or cigars, but cannabis. Perhaps the former boxer likes lighting a joint at the end of the day, or maybe he’s a wake-and-bake kind of guy, but the tendency was enough that he decided to warn his host.

Surprisingly, Tyson’s weed habit was not a deal breaker for Carlson, who did not rescind his offer to the heavyweight champion. “Tucker told him that it’s not his thing personally, but he had no problem with Mike smoking while he was there,” a source told Page Six. It was a rather generous proposal from the far-right political commentator, especially, since Tyson smokes a lot — thousands of dollars worth, in fact.

Mike Tyson smokes almost 50k worth of marijuana monthly

Mike Tyson is a cannabis enthusiast, which is partly the premise for his podcast, “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson.” The renowned boxer chats with celebrities while he and the guest smoke (talk about a chill interview). In an episode starring rapper Jim Jones, Tyson admitted that he often indulges in several thousand dollars’ worth of marijuana. “What do we smoke a month?” Tyson asked co-host Eben Britton. “Is it $40,000 a month? It’s 40, yeah, $40,000 a month.” At that rate, Tyson must ingest cannabis every day.

Tyson partakes, but he also profits from this industry. He is the co-founder of Tyson 2.0, a cannabis company, with the brand’s president Chad Bronstein. One of their signature products is a nod to one of the most unforgettable moments in Tyson’s career: Mike Bites. The ear-shaped edible gummies — with a piece chewed off — are a reference to former boxer Evander Holyfield’s ear, which Tyson infamously bit a chunk off during their 1997 heavyweight rematch. Now the ex-champ commemorates his cannibalistic aggression with an edible. He might’ve been high when he came up with that idea.

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