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‘Mike would kill him’: Tyson Fury is told Mike Tyson would win in a fantasy fight by former boxing world champion

Mike Tyson has praised Tyson Fury’s boxing ability in the past.

Tyson Fury has been told that Mike Tyson would ‘kill him’ if they ever stepped in the ring together for a boxing match. The claim came from former world champion Riddick Bowe.

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The 55-year-old was asked by The Mayweather Channel who would win a hypothetical fight between the Gypsy King and Iron Mike. He backed the latter to win and predicted that Fury’s movement would let him down against the 56-year-old, who is considered to be one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time.

Bowe said: “I think because of Mike’s speed and punching power, as long as someone is standing in front of him, Mike will destroy them. And Fury doesn’t move. So Mike would kill him.”

Fury took his name from the former world heavyweight champion after he was born eight weeks premature. The Manchester-born fighter beat all odds to survive, and his father, John, wanted to honour his favourite fighter by giving his son the same name.

The pair dined together in Saudi Arabia earlier this year as Fury’s younger brother Tommy went head-to-head with YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul. The boxing great was full of praise for WBC heavyweight champion Fury and predicted he will be the “champ for a long time”. He said: “Tyson Fury proved over and over again that he’s the best. Fury is the champ, the reigning champ and is gonna be the champ for a long time.”

Fury recently revealed the most challenging fight in his illustrious boxing career. It came after it was suggested that Klitschko was his toughest opponent. He said: “No, I don’t think that one was most challenging. I think Wilder three – me and Deontay had a trilogy, three title fights together – I think the third one was probably the hardest fight of my career.”

“We both went to war. We both came in with damaging intentions. He put me down twice, I put him down three times, and I ended up getting a knockout in round eleven. But I do believe it took a lot out of both fighters for sure. Hell of a fight.”

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