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Featherweight: Mike Tyson Will get Bellicose On Selling New Corridor Beneath The “Double P”

featherweight He didn’t select Saul “Canelo” Álvarez, or Julio César Chávez or every other Mexican athlete for the picture of his new musical undertaking referred to as “Genesis”, the content material of which has been accessible since June 22 on all digital platforms and which introduced the boxer Mike Tyson.

The well-known character seems in promotion for the manufacturing, the very first thing you see is the way in which he is speaking on the cellphone at house, then he proceeds to mild a cigarette, on the identical second he receives a message from the featherweight telling him that you could hear from her album “Genesis”, particularly tune 9 titled “Lady Gaga” already enjoying within the background.

“Ah, it’s mine”, Mike Tyson’s voice is heard and he begins dancing to the beat of the laid-back corrido and ends the video by saying “The new album ‘Genesis’ by my friend Featherweight is out now”. is, kill em weight”.


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new featherweight record

Some of the songs that are part of the new production have already come to light, while others are yet to be revealed. It is not yet known if all the pieces will have a promotional video, but it is expected that they will be accompanied by a visual like it has happened with others. Easy,

featherweight He is one of those who create the flow of “corridos tambados” and “corridos bellicos”, that is why he had many special guests who accompany him on some songs, which have been constant throughout their development, their are friends Nathanael Kano What is worth noting is that he is honored to have created these subgenres and to Luis R. Konriquez, whom he points to as the first person who gave him the opportunity to share a stage with them.

since the song featherweight He began to generate views on YouTube and Spotify, two platforms where the work of “Double P” is held with relevance, as it should be remembered that he has been recognized as the most listened-to artist in the world.


new album songs

  1. “Pastel Pink” ft. Jasil Nunez,
  2. “Moon” ft. Junior H.
  3. “77” ft. Eladio Carrion
  4. decision
  5. “Carnal” ft. Nathanael Kano
  6. “Gavilan II” ft. Titus Double P,
  7. “VVS” ft. Derry Castro and Edgardo Nuñez
  8. “Your Home” ft. louis r konriquez
  9. “Lady Gaga” ft. Gabito Ballesteros and Junior H
  10. “Shoe”
  11. “La People” ft. Titus Double P
  12. “new life”
  13. “Lagunas” ft. Jasiel Nunez
  14. “Bye”


(Translation to Tag) Featherweight (T) Mike Tyson (T) Corridor Tumbados (T) Mexican Regional

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