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Qatar’s ambassador attends opening of Muhammad Ali Park in Michigan

Ambassador of Qatar to the United States Sheikh Meshal bin Hamad al-Thani participated in the ceremony held by the Islamic Center in Detroit on the occasion of the opening of Muhammad Ali Park in the city of Dearborn, Michigan.

The park has been renovated through a generous contribution from Qatar. In his speech during the ceremony, the ambassador praised the efforts of the Islamic Center in Detroit, noting that the centre has been providing services to the entire community, both Muslims and non-Muslims, for decades.

He said that the centre has provided millions of meals to those in need, thousands of hours of youth-oriented programmes and countless other services to the surrounding areas of the centre.

The Islamic Center in Detroit has achieved significant strides through its efforts in promoting understanding and appreciation for the unique blending of cultures and peoples who consider this centre a gathering place for all.
In a speech during the ceremony, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan praised Qatar’s support and the efforts of the Islamic Center in Detroit.

He emphasised the importance of naming the park after boxing champion Muhammad Ali, highlighting Ali’s profound impact not only as a prominent boxer but also as a social advocate who used his influence to champion equality and justice. He noted that naming the park serves as a testament to Ali’s enduring legacy.
In turn, Executive Director of the Islamic Center of Detroit Dr Sufian Nabhan expressed his gratitude to those who made the opening of the park possible.

He extended special thanks to Qatar for its contribution and welcomed the presence of the Qatari ambassador to Michigan and his participation in this event.

He also expressed his sincere appreciation to the Mayor of Detroit for facilitating the process of acquiring the park land.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Islamic Center Ghanem al-Jumaily welcomed the participation of Qatar’s ambassador in the ceremony and expressed his thanks to Qatar, as well as all the mayors and elected officials who contributed to the renovation of the park.

In his speech, he emphasised the importance of the park as a gathering place and a means to strengthen the community, which is a fundamental part of the Islamic Center’s core mission.
During the ceremony, the Detroit City Council honoured Qatar with an appreciation award for its contribution to the establishment of the park. The award was received by Qatar’s ambassador to the United States of America.

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