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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Reasons Why Penny & Amy Aren’t Real Friends

The Big Bang Theory features some pretty unlikely friendships, and Penny and Amy's interactions with each other are clearly the strangest.

For 12 seasons, fans of The Big Bang Theory learned a heck of a lot about science, but what they learned about more was friendship. Likewise, the robotic characters fans grew to love also learned how to be more charismatic and empathetic beings instead of being cooped up in their apartments and labs all day.

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One could say Penny was the most “normal” out of the group. She was the only one without a high degree and didn’t always understand the science jabber. However, unlike some of her friends, she could read people and their emotions. Amy being one of them. The two started off as unlikely friends but slowly became best friends. But did they become best friends out of similarities or is it just because their boyfriends (now husbands) lived together? Let’s take a closer look at their friendship.


No matter how close Penny is to Amy and Bernadette, they’ve never lived together. It would make sense if Amy moved in with Penny because her apartment was right across the hall from needy Sheldon’s, however, it never happened. Granted, Penny had a one-bedroom apartment and sharing a bed with Amy didn’t seem to be on Penny’s radar.

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In one episode, in particular, Sheldon and Leonard have a disagreement, which forced Leonard to say he’s moving in with Penny. This throws Penny off because she wasn’t ready to live with her boyfriend. Later in the episode, Amy suggests she move in with Penny, which spooked Penny even more than the thought of living with her boyfriend. If they were as close as they suggested, wouldn’t living with your best friend be fun?


Painting of Amy and Penny that Amy gave her in TBBT

Amy’s portrait of her and Penny was an iconic moment in the show. Once Amy got to know Penny more, she had a slight obsession over her new blonde bestie. To shove their friendship in the face of everyone who walked into Penny’s apartment, she had an oil painting of the two of them done. The painting was massive and as Bernadette said, “unsettling.” Penny knew she had to get rid of it and tried taking it off the walls when Amy left. But if Penny and Amy were true friends, would Amy feel the need to showcase their bond in such an outlandish way? It was almost like she was trying to win Penny over. Likewise, would Penny be so disturbed if they were as close as they put off?


It’s no secret that Amy was bullied through her youth and when she gets a boyfriend (now husband) her life only seems brighter. Amy’s friendship with Penny also seems to light up her life. Due to Amy’s newfound popularity, it appears she would do anything to keep her new status as a “cool” girl.

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This includes talking badly about Penny to Bernadette when Penny didn’t take her new job seriously. This also includes Amy working undercover with Sheldon to get rid of Penny’s new chair and testing her mental capabilities for science.


Penny and Amy TBBT

One of the best parts of friendship is being able to confide in each other. To be fair, Amy and Penny share most of their life’s moments together. They’re together all the time and vent to each other about their day’s problems. But there were some large moments that these two failed to share with one another.

When Amy’s apartment gets water damage and she’s forced to live elsewhere for a few weeks, she fails to tell Penny that her apartment has been ready for weeks because she loved living with Sheldon so much. Why lie to someone you’re so close with? Likewise, Penny knew Sheldon had an engagement ring for Amy but never admitted it until Amy found out about the ring through Sheldon’s meemaw.


The Big Bang Theory Sheldon and Penny sitting on a tub and talking

Jealousy can happen in any relationship — platonic or romantic. And for Amy and Penny, jealousy was a large elephant in the room. One could say there was too much unspoken jealousy in their friendship. Amy was jealous of Penny’s sibling-like relationship with Sheldon. Penny was jealous of Amy having a sweet and caring mother-in-law. Amy was jealous of Penny’s beauty and charm, whereas Penny was jealous of Amy’s passion for science and higher education. Amy was also jealous of Penny’s advancement in her relationship with Leonard while Penny was jealous of how like-minded Amy and Sheldon were.

As you can see, there is a mutual love between Amy and Penny but their desire to be the other person was stronger than most friends realized.


It’s no secret that Penny is stunning and that she gets a lot of attention for her looks. Amy also makes note of Penny’s good looks and points that fact out quite often. Sadly, Penny doesn’t reciprocate the compliments. Amy is also a gorgeous woman filled with all the potential in the world and yet she’s treated as third best to Penny and Bernadette. Penny has called Amy “smushy,” inspired her to shave her mustache and get a Brazilian, and says her outfits are from Forever 63. Criticizing someone’s looks for jokes is not funny. Especially when it’s directed towards your supposed best friends.


The intimate relationship between Sheldon and Amy was obviously on everyone’s minds because they were together for years before doing anything serious. But at the end of the day, that kind of information doesn’t need to be shared with anyone. And yet, Penny and co. continue to ask or make fun of their relationship due to their lack of sex life. Penny’s persistence on the subject was enough to embarrass Amy in “The Love Spell Potential.” She ended up leaving the group game of D&D and headed to Sheldon’s bedroom.


Amy and Penny doing Battle of the Sexes against Leonard and Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory.

Penny has always had bullying tendencies but it wasn’t until Leonard confronted his bully that we knew the extent of Penny’s bullying ways. From there on, we saw her low-key bully Bernadette, Amy, and even Leonard in a sarcastic way. Sadly, it’s been said to Amy that Penny bullies her but she’s okay with the behavior. Having Penny in her life means she has a beautiful best friend and a social life. Looking back on her life, having a popular friend and a boyfriend was everything young Amy wanted, which is why she accepts in her adult life.


Amy standing in her wedding dress on TBBT

Big Bang Theory fans were pumped when Amy and Sheldon became engaged and started planning their wedding. Was their wedding really going to be Star Wars-themed!? In “The Monetary Insufficiency,” Amy brings the girls wedding dress shopping and chooses a dress that made her feel beautiful. But in a classic Penny way, she’s not fond of her wedding dress choice and Amy finds out about her real thoughts on the dress. Just because Penny got married on a whim in Las Vegas in a pink dress doesn’t mean that Amy’s wedding dress wasn’t beautiful. They’re just different women with contrasting styles.


Amy and penny had their own secret language on the Big Bang theory

Due to Penny and Amy’s differences, they use each other from time to time to get things they want or to help each other. Back in earlier episodes when Amy and Sheldon were just “friends,” Amy asked Penny to go to a convention with her. Penny happily declined until she heard the convention was held at a spa resort. As you can imagine, Penny all of a sudden could go and used Amy for the spa. Likewise, the roles switched when Penny was angry at Leonard. The two were supposed to go away together but she took Amy instead. An invitation Amy was happy to snipe. These two women are friends through and through but would they be the same had it not been for their husbands?

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