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Joe Rogan stumbles upon Mike Tyson’s secret spat with Starbucks: ‘I can’t believe you never had a cup of coffee’

During an episode of his podcast, Joe Rogan shared that former professional boxer Mike Tyson had never set foot in a Starbucks. This unexpected disclosure caused up curiosity and sparked discussions among fans.

Tyson is renowned for his diverse range of talents. As a result of his boxing prowess, he has amassed a substantial fortune, solidifying his status as one of the greatest heavyweights in the sport. For an impressive 25 years, Tyson captivated audiences with his extraordinary performances. Thus, it came as a surprise to Rogan that Tyson adamantly avoided stepping into a Starbucks.

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‘I can’t believe you never had a cup of coffee’

The conversation began with Rogan extending a warm welcome to Tyson and expressing his disbelief at Tyson’s lack of experience with coffee. In response, Tyson confirmed that he had never consumed coffee. Taken aback by this revelation, Rogan inquired further, asking if nobody had ever offered him a cup of coffee or if he had ever visited Starbucks.

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Rogan asked, “No one ever offered you a cup of coffee? You never went to Starbucks?”

In reply, the former boxer clarified that he had never visited Starbucks by saying, “I went for, tea. and some doughnuts.” Rogan said, “I can’t believe you never had a cup of coffee.”

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Why did Mike Tyson not want his son to be a boxer?

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During the conversation Tyson openly shared his skepticism regarding his son’s potential to succeed as a professional boxer. Both Tyson and Rogan acknowledged the significant challenges that accompany a career in combat sports. Tyson elaborated on his concerns, suggesting that his son’s comfortable lifestyle might impede his drive to pursue boxing as a serious vocation.


In light of his son’s privileged upbringing, which encompasses attending a “private school” and enjoying various luxuries, like “European trips and vacations”, Tyson was of the belief that these circumstances might hinder his son’s development of the necessary discipline and unwavering commitment essential for achieving success as a boxer. He stated, “You gonna be a fighter, get out of here.”

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