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Mike Tyson’s Journey as a Psychonaut: From Chaos to Clarity

Known for his tumultuous past and sheer dominance in the boxing ring, Mike Tyson is no stranger to intense experiences. However, his recent revelations on the podcast Hotboxin venture into an entirely different kind of intensity – psychedelic journeys. In a riveting conversation with connective tissue restoration expert Dr. Abhinav Gautam and co-host Stephen Joseph Day, Tyson unraveled a personal narrative that navigates through surreal visuals, eerie encounters, and waves of energy that “go boom”.

This captivating exploration of the mind might seem like the narrative of a sci-fi novel, but for Mike Tyson, it’s a cornerstone of his journey from chaos to clarity. As strange as it may sound, Tyson credits these profound experiences, often as odd as “fighters fighting” and people appearing like “demons”, as catalysts in his battle against addiction

Unveiling Mike Tyson’s psychedelic odyssey


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In the podcast, Tyson’s account of his encounters with psychedelic mushrooms was vivid and compelling. “When I take mushrooms, things start moving, those things start closing, fighters start fighting. Some people look like demons,”  Mike Tyson shared. This profound alteration in perception, visual experiences, and interpersonal relations resonated with the scientific literature on the effects of psychedelic substances.

When asked about what happens when he closes his eyes amidst this psychedelic journey, Tyson evocatively described, “A lot of electricity going boom”. Dr. Gautam echoed Tyson’s sentiments, adding, “Exactly, exactly. It’s that energy man, you get.”


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The discussion hinted at the altered states of consciousness, accompanied by the sensation of an energy surge, often reported by users of psychedelic substances.


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Mike Tyson narrates his transformative experiences with psychedelic mushrooms

In response to co-host Stephen Joseph Day’s question about whether these experiences helped him, Tyson acknowledged their significant positive impact. “Yeah, I think so. Before I did that stuff, I was a full-blown junkie and alcoholic. I was a mess man, you have no idea. I was a mess. Never coming home, hanging out all day, it’s a maniac,” Tyson confided. He credited his experimentation with psychedelic substances as a turning point in his life, helping him move away from his addiction and destructive habits.

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This candid conversation serves as a personal testament to Tyson’s transformation. It shines light on the less-explored aspect of psychedelics and their potential role in personal growth and recovery, as experienced by Tyson.

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