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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Reasons Why Amy & Raj Aren’t Real Friends

Amy Farrah Fowler and Raj Koothrappali may be part of the greatest friend group in sitcom history, but this pair doesn't seem all that chummy.

Fewer sitcoms have created such lasting and memorable friendships as The Big Bang Theory. From best friends Amy and Penny to the geeky group of Raj, Leonard, Sheldon and Howard, there are plenty of charming relationships to explore.

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However, while Amy and Rajesh hang out with the rest of the group, they don’t seem overly close. There are plenty of reasons that point to the fact that they aren’t friendly at all. Here are 10 of those reasons why we don’t think Amy and Raj are really friends.


Amy has been creeped out by Raj on a number of occasions. He’s quite the full-on character, especially when it comes to women. When Amy and Raj first met, he didn’t exactly give a good impression. Now that Howard is no longer single and thus, less creepy, Raj seems a little worse.

It’s perhaps why Amy has tried to help Raj find relationships and maybe even why she accepts him into the girl group. However, compared to the others, there’s something quite creepy about this eccentric guy.


Part of this odd friend dynamic came from the fact that Raj couldn’t talk to girls when Amy first met him. It was almost like a social anxiety where he literally wasn’t be able to say any words. This could have affected how close they were to start with.

However, whereas Penny and Bernadette actually helped Raj get over this, Amy didn’t really assist at all. It may be why they aren’t as close as Amy didn’t have the patience to deal with this social phobia and wasn’t part of the healing process.


Amy isn’t perfect by any means, but she’s still a great member of the group, as is any character on the show. However, because she was a newcomer compared to some of the others, her and Raj have simply shared fewer memories.

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Amy became a mainstay of the series, but in the beginning it made more sense that she would spend time with the girls, Sheldon of course, and Leonard due to being Sheldon’s best friend. Raj was probably the last person for Amy to bond with.


This isn’t exclusive to Amy, but she is one of the people who found the relationship between Raj and his dog very odd. He treated his pet like a princess and did absolutely everything with it. It got to a pretty unhealthy level.

It’s an obsession that Amy clearly didn’t understand, and might have added to the creepy factor. Because Raj has no woman in his life most of the time, he treated his dog as if it’s his girlfriend. On some level as a scientist, Amy probably wanted to understand it though.


Both Amy and Raj are very close to Sheldon. Raj gets to spend less time with Dr. Cooper compared to some of the other characters in the show, so it’s perhaps a point of contention between the two characters at times.

Whereas Amy would want to keep Sheldon around all the time, Raj would also like to hang out with Sheldon as well. It seems that these pairings don’t happen very often and it’s rare Raj hung out with the two of them, possibly due to Amy.


Speaking of which, Amy and Raj are almost never together. There are only a couple of episodes where they are paired off with one another but it’s almost as if the showrunners never knew what to do with both of them at the same time.

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Whereas Howard eventually got over this and actually built a close relationship with Amy, Raj never has. Sure, he’s still friendly in some way but he’s also probably the least closest to Amy out of all the guys in the show.


Raj and Amy have completely different interests, which is natural for friends. One is a biologist and likes looking at brains, while the other is a physicist and likes looking at stars. Both appreciate each other’s but they can’t really work together on anything.

What’s worst, however, is that their personal interests barely line up at all. It even got to the point that Amy tried to understand comic books to get to know the guys better but ended up giving up because she thought they were stupid.


Raj is pretty much always hanging out with the girls. While this isn’t so much of a bad thing, it might not be something that Amy likes. He’s constantly trying to be friendlier with both Penny and Bernadette.

Amy considers them both her best friends in the world, so with Raj constantly trying to get in on their girls’ nights, it’s a bit too much for her. He probably needs to back off a bit and give them all a bit of room.


Raj shows off Amy's new look on TBBT

There’s one memorable episode where Raj actually insulted Amy quite badly, suggesting that Penny and Bernadette are much more attractive than her. It hurt her deeply as she is usually overlooked most of her life.

It’s a moment that actually builds their relationship as they realize they have a lot in common. After commiserating in their loneliness, Amy had quite a heartless moment herself, where she said she was fine now, abruptly leaving Raj to ponder over everything they had said.


Emily and Raj talking to each other on his couch

Both of these characters have suffered from loneliness which is clear throughout this list. However, since they are similar in many ways, they both can show some quite selfish behavior.

A prime example of this is when Amy tried to set up Raj with Emily. Eventually he came and broke up their meeting. Amy was mad because she loses a friend, showing her selfishness, and Raj demonstrated that he has no boundaries, which Emily says is one of his flaws.

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