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Fans Go Wild After Mike Tyson Uses “Outrageous” Thumbnail for Recent YouTube Video

Mike Tyson has attained immense popularity throughout his boxing career, but in addition to that, he has also garnered love in the content generation space as well. His show, Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson was launched back in 2019 and since then it has gained 842k subscribers and generated around 67 million views with just 142 podcast episodes uploaded. So it wouldn’t be a stretch to call Tyson a podcaster, apart from his lustrous boxing legacy. However, when you’re part of this Internet space, there are some things that get slipped.

Well, on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson Clips channel, in the recent video, there was a minor error in the thumbnail. A picture of Deontay Wilder was added beside Gervonta Davis, where they must have added Devin Haney‘s photo. Now in the video, the renowned TV personality, Stephen A. Smith is talking about how Haney shouldn’t go against ‘Tank’  mainly because he gets hit a lot and it wouldn’t be a very wise thing to do against Davis.


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But as it seems, Haney is all set to go with this fight. He has already reached out to Floyd Mayweather regarding the potential match-up. Nonetheless, a lot of fans in the comments section couldn’t let go about the thumbnail error, as they felt that it was quite wild to put a Heavyweight side-by-side with a Lightweight.

Smith’s comments about Devin Haney-Gervonta Davis evokes reactions

One of the fans, comedianking83, made a light-hearted joke about Wilder changing his name to Haney, pointing out the mistake in the thumbnail. They wrote, “That thumbnail is outrageous though. Didn’t know The Bronze Bomber changed his name to Haney lol“.


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Another fan, mrgonzalez4583, stated that there’s a difference between Wilder and Haney. They wrote, “Deontay Wilder is not Haney 😂😂😂😂“. One more fan, johanneslawendy1608, tried to correct their mistake, “Wrong black man on the thumbnail 😂😂“.


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Well, some fans reacted to Smith’s statements. One fan, artymunoz5060, was surprised to hear that Haney gets punched a lot during his fight. They wrote, “Haney gets hit too much? I’ve heard it all“. While, bradleymoseley7552 had an opposing belief, as they wrote, “Bro, tank stops haney and it’s not about if it’s about what round“.

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The fans were baffled by such a silly mistake on the thumbnail, but these things occur in the content space. As such minor errors can slip past the content team sometimes, but the internet can be quite scrutinizing. What are your thoughts about this minor mistake? Tell us in the comments section.

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