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The Big Bang Theory: Bernadette’s 10 Biggest Mistakes (That We Can Learn From)

While Bernadette was usually a great friend in The Big Bang Theory, she had some bad moments that fans really can't ignore.

Out of all the characters on The Big Bang Theory, Bernadette was probably the most responsible out of them all. She managed to rein in Howard’s eccentric behavior, became an agony aunt for Raj, was a successful microbiologist, and managed to raise two children.

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However, that doesn’t mean Bernadette didn’t make a few mistakes every so often. Remember when she tried to stop Howard from going to space by telling his mother? Or when she stole a pair of boots from a charity box? These are just some examples of the worst things she has done. If you’d like to see some more examples, keep reading to discover Bernadette’s 10 biggest mistakes that we can learn from.

Don’t Reveal Secrets That Aren’t Yours To Tell

howard and bernadette first day - the big bang theory

In “The Russian Rocket Reaction,” Bernadette ends up upsetting Howard when she reveals to his mother that he is going to space. This all came about after the Bernadette refused to give her blessing for Howard to go to space after he is given the opportunity to work for NASA for three weeks.

Not liking that they were arguing, Bernadette makes her peace with Howard before going behind his back to tell his mother of the mission. She doesn’t realize the wrong she did until Penny and Amy talk her through it. The moral of the story – don’t go around telling other people’s secrets because you will end up jeopardizing the trust in your relationship.

Don’t Make Your Friends Feel Like They Owe You

Penny and Bernadette talking over a cup of coffee in Bernadette's kitchen

As the show progresses, Bernadette was seen to become more manipulative and aggressive towards her friends. Especially with Penny. In “The Locomotion Interruption,” Bernadette gets Penny a job at her pharmaceutical agency, where she attains a job as a rep.

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However, she seems to believe that this gives her the right to lord this favor over Penny as she begins to push her into studying (“The Junior Professor Solution”). She also brings it up again in “The Conference Valuation” when she tells Penny she wouldn’t be successful if it wasn’t for her. If you are going to help a friend, make sure you do it for the right reasons.

Don’t Steal From Charity

Penny Amy Bernie

One of the most immoral acts Bernadette commits is when she robs from a charity. In “The Speckerman Recurrence,” Bernadette and Amy convince Penny to track down the people in high school she bullied and apologize to them. However, this plan backfires so Penny decides to give some of her clothes to charity.

When the girls go to drop off their donations, they soon find themselves distracted by other people’s donations and decide to take some for themselves. Although Penny comes to her senses, Bernadette is fine with taking the boots because she serves soup at the soup kitchen. Again, if you are trying to do some good in the world, don’t undermine it by doing something bad.

Don’t Try To Control Other People’s Lives

Bernadette in a blue and white top standing next to Penny in a red top on The Big Bang Theory

After Bernadette got Penny a job at her pharmaceutical company, the microbiologist was seen to get bossy and controlling. However, she took it one step too far in “The Conference Valuation” when she gets angry at Penny for considering another job opportunity.

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While Penny is meeting with the rep from the other company, Bernadette interrupts them. First, she makes sure that Penny doesn’t realize her worth and takes away the slip with the offer on it. She doesn’t even offer Penny a raise either to keep her, Bernadette just wants her to stay out of loyalty. Anyone else would be happy for their friend if they had a chance to improve their life – so why wasn’t she?

Be Kind To Your Friends

Raj's Scavenger Hunt

Considering that Bernadette is always telling Howard to be kinder, it’s ironic that she is anything but. In fact, she is shown to be quite aggressive and mean towards her friends. This could be seen in “The Scavenger Vortex” when she insults Leonard several times because she wanted to win a competition.

Her aggressiveness could also be seen in “The Contractual Obligation Implementation” when she tells Penny and Amy they couldn’t be Cinderella because she wanted to. While Bernadette says she only acts this way to be heard, she would need to rein this temper in because not a lot of people would stick around if they are treated with disrespect.

Don’t Get Involved In Fights That Aren’t Yours

In “The Parking Spot Escalation,” Bernadette makes a grave mistake when she allows Howard and Sheldon’s fight to jeopardize her friendship with Amy. In this episode, Sheldon and Howard get into an argument when the physicist refuses to allow Howard to park in his space at the university.

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The fight then escalates between Amy and Bernadette when both women begin to insult the lack of accomplishments each other’s partners have. They only realize they had taken their fight too far when Amy accidentally breaks Penny’s nose after the microbiologist got her car towed. It’s best to stop a fight before a mountain is made out of a molehill.

Don’t Belittle Your Friends’ Feelings

Bernadette on her computer at work in TBBT

Another incident that frustrated fans was how Bernadette handled Penny’s confession that she didn’t want children. In “The Procreation Calculation,” Penny confides in Bernadette after she and Leonard get into a fight about whether they should have children or not.

When Penny tells Bernadette that she doesn’t see kids in her future, Bernadette dismisses her feelings and tells her she is being ridiculous. She then insults Penny further by suggesting that she would never be fulfilled if she doesn’t have children. Instead of giving Penny a comforting ear as a good friend would, Bernadette invalidates her feelings.

Be A Supportive Friend

Bernadette and Amy drinking cocktails out of large glasses in a bar in TBBT

An incident that illustrated what a lousy friend Bernadette could be was in “The Anything Can Happen Recurrence.” In this episode, Bernadette and Amy decide to ditch Penny and Sheldon for the night when they get sick of hearing them complain about their careers.

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Penny is hurt to discover Bernadette lied to her about working late because she was tired of hearing her complain about the movie she was filming. Ultimately, it causes Penny to storm out of the restaurant after she angrily tells Bernadette that a true friend would always care about the other’s problems, even if they got on their nerves.

Don’t Give It If You Can’t Take It

Sheldon and Amy dressed up as Howard and Bernadette in TBBT

In “The Imitation Perturbation,” fans can take another life lesson from the show when Bernadette gets offended by Sheldon and Amy dressing up as her and Howard for Halloween. During this episode, Bernadette gets upset when Amy comes to the Halloween party and imitates her in front of all their friends.

However, she shouldn’t have been upset when it was revealed that she encouraged Howard to go to work dressed as Sheldon and to not apologize for the “joke.” In fact, her exact words were “if you can’t take it, don’t give it.” – which is true. If you want your friends to treat you with respect then you have to treat them with respect in return. Just tread carefully when it comes to making jokes at your friend’s expense.

Don’t Filter Your Feelings

Big Bang Theory - Melissa Rauch as Bernadette

The most important lesson fans can take from one of Bernadette’s storylines was how she hid her stress from Howard. In “The Grant Allocation Derivation,” Bernadette tells Penny that she has begun to hide out in Halley’s playhouse because she feels like she needs an hour to herself before dealing with her responsibilities.

However, instead of telling Howard, she continues to lie to him about her working late. It doesn’t make sense why she keeps it to herself as Howard would want to know if she was feeling stressed with work or with their life. It’s important that you never keep these feelings bottled up as it could lead to a decline in your mental health. Never be ashamed either of wanting to take a day off to relax and recover.

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