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Was Michael Jordan the Reason for Mike Tyson’s Divorce From Robin Givens?

Michael Jordan and the Bulls had a few rough seasons before they went on to win their first three titles. Still, MJ was regarded as the best player in the league, winning multiple awards before his first title. In his first four seasons, Jordan had established his name among all-time greats. In 1989, Michael was performing as usual, putting up MVP numbers. Though there was an instance where MJ would’ve been seriously injured, costing his career.

In the 80s, Mike Tyson was a renowned boxer. Tyson was the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, and his power was feared by most of his opponents. The heavyweight champ came across the GOAT himself, Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan and Mike Tyson
Michael Jordan and Mike Tyson (Credits: Getty)

At the time, MJ wasn’t a champ, though still an elite-level athlete. His first meeting with Tyson wasn’t the best, as the two were at the same restaurant one night among other big-time celebrities. The scuffle was over Tyson’s previous relationship.

Did Michael Jordan date Robin Givens?

Tyson married his first wife, Robin Givens back in 1988. The couple soon parted ways and Tyson wasn’t over the situation. Before he had married Givens, she was rumored to have been dating the Bulls’ star player, Michael Jordan. The two were seen going out together, though there wasn’t any real proof that MJ was indeed dating the actress. Soon after Tyson’s divorce, Mike was invited to dinner at a restaurant among other celebrities and athletes.

Jordan also attended the event. Tyson on the other hand was intoxicated after a huge consumption of alcohol. The next second Tyson went up to Michael’s table and let his emotions speak. Mike let everyone know that he was about to beat up Jordan. Others at the event helped to not have the situation escalated. Jordan did not waste any time, as he walked out of the place the very next moment.

People assumed that MJ was the reason why Tyson and Givens were not together anymore. Though Michael married his first wife, Juanita Vanoy the same year. Jordan did not want any smoke from the heavyweight champ, as everyone who followed boxing knew how powerful Tyson was.

Mike married his second wife, Monica Turner, eight years later. To this date, neither Iron Mike nor Jordan has not talked about this incident. This instance was first explained in Rory Holloway’s book. Rory was Tyson’s long-time friend and also his manager, as he recalled the night in his book ‘Taming the Beast.’

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