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Muhammad Ali’s Daughter Laila Ali Is “Done With BS”; Fans Laud Her New Healthy Obsession

Her boxing stint, a brilliant one, barely lasted a decade. But Laila Ali made up for her short career by getting involved in business and entertainment.

Muhammad Ali‘s daughter now runs a successful brand. It talks about wholesome, nutritious eating, availing oneself of high-quality well-being products, and leading a healthy lifestyle. Practicing what she preaches, today she let the curtains fall and shared the gorgeous garden with fans.

On her Instagram story, Laila wrote, “You know you are done with BS when you start being excited about gardening.” A link opens up the post where a video shows her walking through a garden with various flowers, vegetables, and fruits. Lots of fans soon joined her in admiring the fascinating landscape. She seems to have inspired quite a few who shared to work on a similar project.

A Queen’s Garden; fans celebrate Laila Ali for her stunning garden


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The following user commented that Laila Ali could as well boast of having a supermarket at her home, “You got a whole super market in that garden.” Noris, spellbound by the greenery, mentioned that he loved going through her garden for which she toiled so hard. He said, “OMG…😳 You got that green 💚 Enjoyed the fruits of your labor.

Michael Michaels seems mesmerized by the products from Ali’s backyard. He expressed an interest in purchasing watermelons and cucumbers, or better still, a little bit of almost every produce. “Hi, I will love to purchase some water melons cucumbers at this point, some of everything. They look so gd.” He said.


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Appreciating Laila Ali for the outstanding work she had put in, the following user contends that this is how a genuine garden should appear, “Wow !! Now that’s what I call a Garden. Great Job !!!” The following user seems so inspired that he wishes to try different spices and also plant a new garden, “U inspired me to switch my seasonings and start a garden.

Yana Whelan expressed her happiness to have come across the post. Finding it exquisite, it appears it’s difficult for her to wait until she can start plucking vegetables and fruits from her garden. “Good to be here ❤️Beautiful ❤️I am anxious to harvest my garden.” She said.


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‘She Bee Stingin’ always up for a cause

Never disappointing over a million followers, Laila Ali makes it a point to share any updates or news about healthy options and living. Never resisting calling a spade a spade, she frequently brings issues concerning larger communities. A few months ago, she brought to attention a post that cautioned viewers about items, usage of which might prove detrimental to hormones.

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