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The Big Bang Theory: 10 People Bernadette Should Have Been With (Other Than Howard)

On The Big Bang Theory, Bernadette and Howard are endgame. But there are other romantic suitors who would be suited for Ms. Rostenkowski-Wolowitz.

All Big Bang Theory fans know that Bernadette and Howard are endgame. These two may have started out on rocky terms but they dug their way through the mud and came out on the other side. By the end of the series, these two lovers were married and had two children.

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But what if Howard and Bernadette never made it through their dark days of Glacinda the Troll? What if Bernadette couldn’t see past Howard virtually cheating on her, so she entertained the idea of other men who’ve crossed her path? Well, we may love Bernie and Howie together but today we’re taking a look at 10 people Bernadette could have ended up happily with besides Howard.


Raj and Bernadette do a Bollywood dance in his dream on The Big Bang Theory

It shouldn’t be a surprise that we can see Bernadette and Raj together if she and Howard never worked out. After all, Raj had a huge crush on her throughout her courtship with Howard. Raj envisioned an entire dance scene between the two of them, and even wrote a poem about their potential love. Sadly for Raj it never happened in real life. But if Bernadette and Howard never got back together after she found him “clicking that troll’s brains out,” we can totally see her and Raj connecting and becoming a couple. That could mean the end of Raj and Howard’s friendship, though…


Glenn and Bernadette Rostenkowski in The Big Bang Theory

Who can forget when the entire friend group headed to a conference for the weekend, and Bernadette ran into a man named Glenn? He was very tall, very suave, and very husband material. After the two caught up in front of Howard, Bernadette told him Glenn was her former professor.

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Their professional relationship made Howard feel at ease until she told him they dated for a year… Howard, of course, became insecure and in a dream world they would have broken up over it. Their demise could have pushed Bernadette back into the arms of Glenn where they could have rekindled their relationship.

Barry Kripke

John Ross Bowie as Barry Kripke in The Big Bang Theory

While Barry may be a frenemy to some of the guys, he’s also a part of their friend group at work. What makes him a good fit for Bernadette is he has a similar personality to Howard (especially when it comes to flirting). The only difference between Barry and Howard is their line of work, and the fact that Barry has more confidence. Nevertheless, he and Bernadette could have worked.

Dave Gibbs

Amy and Dave on their first date on TBBT

Remember sweet Dave Gibbs? After Amy’s breakup with Sheldon, she went on a few dates with this British native. The two were both scientists and had a lot in common — including their love for Sheldon. Dave’s admiration for Sheldon is what broke him and Amy up, but what if it led him into the arms of Bernadette?

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In a different world, if Bernadette and Howard didn’t work out — and Bernadette still spied on Dave and Amy’s date — she and Dave could have found themselves in each other’s arms. Amy would have called it quits with Dave, and hooked him up with Bernadette. After all, she did think he was cute and enjoyed his accent.

Eric Gablehauser

Before President Siebert came to The Big Bang Theory, we got to see more of Dr. Eric Gablehauser in the Physics Department. It’s hard to tell where he and Bernadette could have met but it would most likely be through Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, or Raj.

Dr. Gablehauser and Bernadette would have made a lovely couple because like Bernadette, he was bright, authoritative, and independent. Unlike Howard, he wasn’t needy or whiny — two things that bother Bernadette in her marriage.

President Siebert

President Siebert at his office in TBBT

Next up we have President Siebert. Unlike Dr. Gablehauser, President Siebert had more of a presence in the later seasons of Big Bang. He came to love our favorite group of friends for the notoriety they brought to the university, but at the same time, it bothered him when they acted immaturely. Nevertheless, Sheldon annoyed President Siebert, which is a commonality between him and Bernadette. The two could probably talk smack about Sheldon on their dates.

Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton as Wil Wheaton in The Big Bang Theory

Since these perfect pairings for Bernadette are hypothetical, let’s pretend that Wil Wheaton wasn’t married in real life (we never did see his wife on the show). In this made-up universe, Wil is single and living the dream as a former child actor. Bernadette would have met him at the comic book store where he was smooth enough to ask her on a date. The big difference between Wil and Howard is Wil’s level of creepiness is non-existent compared to Howard’s. Wil is a little dorky, but he’s smooth enough to win over a woman as lovely as Bernadette.


Zack and Penny in The Big Bang Theory

There may be some fans of the series who are wondering why Penny’s ex-boyfriend Zack would ever end up with Bernadette, but she can dream, right? If Howard and Bernadette broke up, Penny would have totally taken her out for a night on the town with Amy. The girls would have had too much wine, and run into Zack at the bar. Who’s to say nothing would have happened between him and Bernadette? Zack is intrigued by science and Bernadette enjoys an attractive partner. These two could have had a nice fling before deciding to become serious or not.


In case anyone thought Stuart Bloom was going to be on this list, we actually chose his arch-nemesis Jesse instead. Jesse owned a rival comic book store that was far more successful (and cooler) than Stuart’s. Bernadette was completely impressed when she saw Jesse’s business (even though she was trying to act unimpressed because of Stuart). Due to her familiarity with comic books, dating Jesse wouldn’t have been that different from dating Howard. Plus, Jesse was kind of a bully, and it’s been said more than once that Bernadette can have bully-like tendencies as well. These two could have been snarky together!

Dr. Oliver Lorvis

Dorctor Lorvis at Penny's apartment in The Big Bang Theory

In the episode “The Misinterpretation Agitation,” we meet Dr. Oliver Lorvis. This hopeful romantic came to win over Penny after meeting her on a sales call. Dr. Lorvis assumed Penny was flirting with him and wanted to return the favor with flowers. The only problem was, Penny was engaged to Leonard and was only nice to Dr. Lorvis because of work. He immediately became embarrassed but still seemed interested in Penny’s friends. Just imagine if he ran into Bernadette during one of her breaks with Howard. With a doctor on her arm, Bernadette would have been so proud to be his partner — and just imagine how her dad would react.

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