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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Reasons Why Sheldon Got Worse And Worse

The Big Bang Theory's leading character Sheldon only got worse and worse as the show went on and here's why.

Fans tuned into The Big Bang Theory week after week to see the wildly intelligent mind of Sheldon Cooper at work. It was his quirky personality and brilliant quips that made him different than any other character on TV. To help balance Sheldon and his genius IQ, the writers added best friends to the mix that would counter Sheldon’s unique personality. Along the way, however, Sheldon’s bright mind and intellectual capacity became condescending. He became too dependent on his friends and started making the show more about his relationship with Amy than his scientific endeavors.

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The exciting part about The Big Bang Theory was the intelligence aspect but with a flood of relationships, Sheldon’s character took a tumble for the worse. Keep scrolling to see 10 reasons why Sheldon only got worse and worse as the show went on.

He Focused Too Much On Relationships Like The Other Guys

What made Sheldon so fascinating to watch was how he used his mind. He was so smart that he didn’t know how to blend in “normal” folk because he took things so literally. He was socially incapable of blending in, you could say. Fans wanted Sheldon to find a partner but as perfect as Amy was for him, he started acting as “normal” as his friends. It became distracting and was so unlike his character. Instead of focusing on science and his work, his focus turned to gaming with his friends and talking about women’s troubles — just like many other sitcoms.

What Happened To His Randon Facts That Nobody Asked For?

One of the best parts about Sheldon is his knowledge of just about everything. He has no problem schooling those around him because he’s simply letting them know they’re incorrect. He also loved to add fun facts to the conversation, even though it bothered his friends.

As the series went on, Sheldon stops adding in so many scientific facts. This is mainly because people like Penny shut him down before he can get a word out but it’s those quips and facts that make him special.

He Got Into Too Many Fights With Leonard Towards The End Of The Series

Beverly and Sheldon at Leonard's lab in The Big Bang Theory.

Just as Howard and Raj were best friends, Sheldon and Leonard were two peas in a pod. They may have started out on odd terms but they turned into practical life partners. But as time went on, Leonard and Sheldon started getting snippy with one another. The thoughts of change drove both men mad in their own way and their silly dynamic began to shift.

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When Sheldon moved in with Amy, arguments between the men began to rise with splitting valuables, the (now) vacant room in apartment 4A, and issues at work. Seeing these two debilitate was upsetting for a show that’s based around friendship.

Did Sheldon Regress?

For fans who have stuck with the series through 12 seasons, it’s easy to see that Sheldon changes a lot. He went from a socially awkward, rude, and cold man to a caring and thoughtful human being. He completely transformed over the last 12 years and became a well-rounded man. However, when you take a step back and look at Sheldon’s character, he regresses in a sense.

He went from a selfish man to a thoughtful one and back again. By the end of the series, Sheldon gets into a fight with all his friends during his Nobel Prize ceremony, proving that once again, Sheldon may act nicer but he hasn’t completely changed from that selfish and egotistical man.

He Never Ended Up Caring About Amy’s Family

Amy's parents in her apartment on TBBT

In-laws can be a tough subject for couples and it’s shown in the relationship between Sheldon and Amy.

Sheldon depends on those around him to live a successful life. He needs Leonard, Penny, and Amy just as much as he needs his mom. Knowing this, Amy became friendly with his mom and contacted her often regarding Sheldon’s behavior.

But when it came to Amy’s parents, Sheldon didn’t return the favor. He whined like a baby about going to her family member’s birthday party because he wanted to hang out with his friends and he didn’t necessarily hit it off with her parents when they came to visit before their wedding.

He Didn’t Want His Mom To Be Happy Without him

Alfred Hofstadter and Mary Cooper toasting in The Big Bang Theory.

Mary Cooper was lowkey one of the best guest characters on The Big Bang Theory. She came to visit Sheldon a few times throughout the years but her presence was impactful. Sadly, as much as Mary wanted Sheldon to live his best life, Sheldon only wanted that for Mary if it benefited him. He hated it when she slept with someone from her church and he despised the thought of her sleeping with Leonard’s dad.

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Sheldon grew a lot over 12 seasons but it’s times like these that make fans angry at his childlike personality with his mother.

Did He Ever Really Mature Like The Others?

The beauty of a show lasting for 12 seasons is seeing how the characters grow from when we first met them. In The Big Bang Theory, growth was evident. Penny grew from a broke and lost actress to a very successful and mature pharmaceutical sales rep. Howard grew from a “horny engineer” to a married man and father of two. Raj outgrew his selective mutism. Amy transformed into the woman she always wanted to be. Bernadette got her Ph.D. But Sheldon? He grew a lot professionally but personally he’s still the same guy. He’s selfish until someone calls him out on it, he hates when his friends gather without him, and constantly belittles his friends. He lives in the same apartment building and still gets catered to. Sheldon is a phenomenal person but he moves at a snail’s pace.

He’s Not Quirky, He’s Rude

Denise and Sheldon talking about comics on The Big Bang Theory

Let’s face the facts, Sheldon isn’t quirky. He’s rude. By the sixth season, Sheldon is old enough and mature enough to know what his friends need and what they expect but he continues to stick to his guns.

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He insults Penny’s sexuality, he acts like Leonard will never come of anything, and he treats Howard like he’s insignificant just because he doesn’t have his doctorate. Those insults aren’t quirks, they’re downright rude.

His Racial & Sexist Remarks Should Have Never Been Swept Under The Rug

Janine Davis talks with Sheldon in HR on The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon may have grown up in East Texas with a religious mom but that doesn’t excuse him from his racial ignorance. We see this the most with Caltech’s human relations director. He “unknowingly” made slurs towards Mrs. Davis and gave her the movie Roots. He also made sexist remarks towards his former assistant Alex. For as brilliant as Sheldon is, he sure can be naive.

Amy Will Never Come First

Sheldon and Amy first meeting in TBBT

Amy and Sheldon taking a break from each other was the best thing they could have done for their relationship. It made them both realize what they wanted out of their relationship and the direction they wanted to go in. Sheldon grew tremendously after they broke up but his growth slowly faded. He was a more understanding and loving partner to Amy but his selfishness and dependency on others never faded. Even on their honeymoon, Sheldon continued to put his needs in front of Amy’s, and he almost butchered their Nobel Prize ceremony.

Sheldon grew a lot over 12 seasons but some things never change.

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