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Recently departed WWE star was wrestling’s Mike Tyson in his prime, according to Hall of Famer (Exclusive)

WWE Hall of Famer Mike Tyson often knocked his boxing opponents out in quick fashion at the peak of his career. Legendary journalist Bill Apter believes Goldberg’s wrestling displays were just as devastating as Tyson’s memorable boxing bouts.

Like Tyson, Goldberg made a name for himself by defeating rivals in a matter of minutes. At the start of his career, the wrestling icon went on a 173-match undefeated streak before finally losing to Kevin Nash at WCW Starrcade 1998.

Apter appeared on the latest episode of Sportskeeda’s The Wrestling Time Machine with Mac Davis and Teddy Long. Discussing Goldberg’s dominance, the Hall of Fame reporter explained why the 56-year-old reminded him of Tyson:

“You know what he was, though, to me? In his prime, he was what Mike Tyson was to boxing,” Apter said. “You went to see that quick knockout. Goldberg, spear – it was that quick knockout. That’s what I always compared it [to].” [6:01 – 6:17]

In the video above, the panel gave their thoughts on whether Goldberg could realistically face his former WCW rival Bret Hart one more time.

Why Goldberg’s WCW and WWE matches did not last long

While many matches last more than 10 minutes, Goldberg often recorded victories in half that time after landing his signature Spear and Jackhammer moves.

@PowellAnalytics I mean, Goldberg had an undefeated streak of 173-0 at one point in WCW.
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Former WWE referee and on-screen authority figure Teddy Long thinks Goldberg’s character was never suited to wrestling long matches:

“He didn’t need a whole lot of ring time. He didn’t need all that flipping around for 10 or 15 minutes. To me, that just wasn’t him. Quick and easy, get in and out.” [6:17 – 6:30]

The Wrestling Time Machine host Mac Davis agreed that fans wanted to see Goldberg make light work of his opponents:

“The longer the match went for Goldberg, the less entertaining I think he became. And I don’t think it was his fault. I think it was just what he was used to performing.” [6:30 – 6:38]

Goldberg became a free agent after losing to Roman Reigns at WWE Elimination Chamber 2022. AEW President Tony Khan recently confirmed that he had held talks with the former football player.

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