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TBBT: 10 Girlfriends Of Leonard, Raj and Howard That We’d All Love To Date

Leonard, Raj, and Howard have some incredible girlfriends on The Big Bang Theory, some of which fans would love to date.

In the 12 years that The Big Bang Theory aired, the main characters grew tremendously. As these characters grew, so did their relationships with each other and romantic partners.

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Some of these relationships were more successful than others. When the relationships failed, it was hardly the fault of one character; often the pair just wasn’t compatible. Still, Leonard, Raj, and Howard dated many interesting and unique individuals. Here are 10 of their girlfriends that we would all love to date!


Stephanie smiles flirtaciously

Stephanie is one of Leonard’s ex-girlfriends. Stephanie is extremely intelligence, which is evident through both her jobs as a medical doctor and surgical resident. She’s even able to keep Sheldon’s obnoxious behaviors under control.

Stephanie is also highly sexual, taking a more dominant role in the bedroom. With her brains, ambition, and intimacy, Stephanie would be an ideal girlfriend.


Raj Koothrappali and Nell in The Big Bang Theory

Nell is a gorgeous, fun, and excitable woman. Though her and Raj only dated for a very short period of time, their chemistry was electric. Unfortunately, Nell was recently out of a marriage.

When her husband and Raj became close friends, Nell became very uncomfortable and ended the relationship. She later reconnected with her husband.


Isabella is a maintenance worker who begins dating Raj. She mentions having a second job, but not what it is. She is hardworking and sweet-natured, quickly forming a connection with Raj and working hard to support her son. Isabella is a dreamer. She engages in theoretical conversations with Raj about life on other planets and seems genuinely interested in and invested in their time together.

She later breaks up with Raj, and although she gives no explanation, it can be assumed it’s because she knows their lifestyles are not compatible. Her compassion and strong work ethic make Isabella an ideal partner.


Raj and Anus first date on The Big Bang Theory

Anu is Raj’s ex-fiancé. Although their relationship didn’t work out, that doesn’t make her any less of an incredible woman. This hotel concierge is friendly, personable, witty, and professional. Anu is extremely level-headed making rational decisions and using her connections to benefit her.

She is also willing to compromise in a relationship, listening to what her partner wants – which she demonstrates by proposing to Raj in a restaurant after he expresses concern that their marriage won’t be romantic enough. Anu would be the ideal partner for many people.


Leonard and Alice read comics together on TBBT

Alice and Leonard only went on one date, but that is all the time it took for us to fall in love with her. This comic book enthusiast and talented artist is a passionate individual. She is cunning and flirtatious.

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Alice shows she has standards and morals when she is disgusted to discover that Leonard has a girlfriend and won’t even continue a friendship with him. Her nerdy interests and gorgeous looks ensure anybody would fall for her.


Raj and Claire run into Zack on TBBT

Claire is a dynamic woman. She is passionate, intelligent, and unafraid to speak her mind. Her sarcasm and dry wit combined with her creativity make her an extremely compelling character.

Claire is goal-oriented, driven, and knows what she wants out of life. She is sure to make an excellent partner.


Penny and Leonard Hofstadter in The Big Bang Theory

Penny is Leonard’s long-term love interest on The Big Bang Theory. The two began as friends, and their relationship eventually blossomed into a beautiful marriage. Penny is different than many of the other love interests on the show. She has a strong social intelligence and is very popular but is not as academically gifted as many of the other characters.

Penny is a sharpshooter and isn’t afraid to tell anyone exactly what she is feeling, sometimes to her detriment. Penny is a loyal partner and is willing to step outside of her comfort zone and experience the passions of her partner to show them that she values their relationship. Her sense of humor and ability to connect with all types of people make Penny a great romantic partner.

Emily Sweeney

Emily sitting next to Raj in The Big Bang Theory

Another one of Raj’s exes, Emily is delightfully quirky. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is passionate about her interests, which include horror movies and gore. Intelligent and career-oriented, Emily works as a dermatologist.

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Emily is sweet and is willing to accept others for who they are, loving Raj for all of his quirks, not in spite of them. This relationship is one of the longest-lasting and most genuine relationships on the show until Raj destroys it by cheating on her.


Priya changing in Leonard's room on TBBT

Priya is Raj’s sister and Leonard’s ex-girlfriend. This character is one of the smartest females we ever met on the show. She is a lawyer licensed to practice in three different countries who graduated top of her class at Cambridge University. She works a prestigious job as a lawyer for a major car company, proving that she is ambitious and driven.

She uses her intelligence in her social life as well, assisting the gang in ordering Greek food on pizza night. Though she often comes off as serious, she knows how to have a good time and enjoy the company of her partner, making her an ideal significant other.


Big Bang Theory Funniness Bernadette

Bernadette is Howard’s wife and one of the main characters on the television show The Big Bang Theory. This character is spunky, driven, intelligent, and knows what she wants in life. Bernadette can be sweet and supportive, but she also isn’t afraid to force her partner to face reality.

When faced with challenging situations, she remains calm and takes control, formulating a plane. Best of all, Bernadette never gives up on those she cares about, remaining loyal, making her an ideal partner.

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