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The Big Bang Theory: 6 Main Characters Who Suit Their Zodiac Sign

The cast of The Big Bang Theory has plenty of characters that fit their sign's traits, and a few that don't.

The Big Bang Theory is a fan-favorite sitcom. This hilarious show offered fans some incredibly dynamic characters to follow for twelve seasons. Of course, die-hard fans of the show certainly know the personalities of this crew like the back of their hands.

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For all the astrology fans out there, it might be interesting to know if these characters’ birthdays and signs actually line up with their personalities. Here are 6 characters that are totally their zodiac sign, and 3 that are definitely not. Unfortunately, there are some birthdays fans may never know.

Suits It: Penny – Sagittarius

Penny’s birthday is December 2nd, making her fall into this fire sign. Penny is actually pretty in-line with this zodiac sign, mainly because of her generosity, humor, and free-spirited personality.

Like a true Sagittarius, Penny doesn’t like being constrained, and she certainly doesn’t like obscurity and randomness. This open-minded character is certainly this zodiac sign – she’s enthusiastic, extroverted, and totally loves new things.

Suits It: Wil Wheaton – Leo

Wil Wheaton has, well, Wil Wheaton’s birthday, which is July 29th. Wil’s character on the show is certainly a fiery character, fitting this fire element zodiac sign. Wil is arrogant and stubborn, which are the weaknesses of this sign.

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Of course, he’s also passionate and funny. This sign is known for being dramatic and dominant, but also alluring and basically, a king or queen. Wil has all of this going for him, and is certainly quite the Leo.

Doesn’t Suit It: Mary Cooper – Capricorn

While it isn’t explicitly said when Sheldon’s mother was born, it is implied that she has a January birthday. That likely makes her a Capricorn, which she doesn’t really reflect as a compassionate mother. She is responsible, but she’s certainly also traditional and forgiving, which a Capricorn definitely isn’t.

At the very least, Mary Cooper might be an Aquarius, which also has some January birthdays. If that was the case, she reflects this independent, emotional, and humanitarian zodiac sign.

Suits It: Raj Koothrappali – Libra

Raj is an air element. His birthday is October 6th, making him a Libra. Raj strongly values relationships and people, and Libras absolutely hate being alone – they value partnership. Also, a Libra is diplomatic and generous, much like Raj.

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As far as weaknesses go, Raj is a total Libra because he hates confrontation, is totally indecisive, and has A LOT of self-pity. Honestly, he’s a Libra through and through. Of course, that’s probably why he’s so lovable.

Suits It: Leonard Hofstadter – Taurus

Leonard in The Big Bang Theory

Leonard was born on May 17th, making him a true earth sign. Leonard is definitely this sign – he’s practical and responsible. In fact, he also has this zodiac sign’s weaknesses coming in waves, including stubbornness and possessiveness.

While Leonard might not be as down-to-earth as most people in this zodiac sign are, he’s still extremely realistic and conservative – two hugely common traits for any and all Tauruses.

Doesn’t Suit It: Barry Kripke – Taurus

There are a few Taurus characters in this mix! Fans will remember the episode where Barry is planning his birthday, so it’s likely his birthday is May 12th. This man is probably the furthest from an earth sign one could get.

Unlike Barry, a Taurus is patient, devoted, and well-grounded. This character loves to stir things up and is definitely not very down-to-earth. While he has his own strengths and personality, they are certainly not that of a Taurus.

Suits It: Amy Farrah Fowler – Sagittarius

It might be a bit shocking that both Amy and Penny are this zodiac sign, and that both of them actually suit the personality. In fact, these two ladies actually have more in common than meets the eye.

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Like a Sagittarius, Amy is definitely curious and energetic. She’s extremely open-minded and enthusiastic, which helps her motivate Sheldon for the better. This free-spirit is definitely more practical, but is still a Sagittarius.

Suits It: Stuart Bloom – Taurus

It’s assumed that Stuart’s birthday would be May 7th, if the show falls in real-time. If that’s true, then Stuart is most definitely a Taurus. He’s reliable and extremely devoted. This sign is known for being down-to-earth.

Like Stuart, a Taurus also hates change and insecurity. Stuart is definitely pretty fragile, but this man also certainly values friendship, realism, and staying grounded. This sweet and wholesome soul certainly reflects this earth sign.

Doesn’t Suit It: Sheldon Cooper – Pisces

There was a little discrepancy over Sheldon’s birthday, but they do at one point reveal the actual date – February 26th. This would make Sheldon a Pisces, which really is the opposite of this quirky character.

This zodiac sign is known for being super friendly, compassionate, artistic, and hates being alone. Obviously, Sheldon’s biggest issue is empathy and emotion, and he certainly prides himself in science and fact. With all being said, he’s definitely not a Pisces.

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