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Which Big Bang Theory Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The Big Bang Theory is on the most popular sitcoms to ever air, and we've now used its cast of zany characters to determine your zodiac sign.

The Big Bang Theory is on the most popular sitcoms to ever air. While it has finally come to an end, fans are certainly not over binging this incredible and hilarious show. With 12 seasons of dynamic and quirky characters, there are many to love and get to know.

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For astrological aficionados (like Penny), you’ve probably thought about what characters totally act like a Leo or a Cancer, and what one you most relate to. Here is what character from this hit show you are, based on your Zodiac sign.

Aries – Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton is Sheldon’s enemy before they’re friends, and this diabolical and cunning man certainly represents this fiery element. Of course, this sign is also known for being determined, confident, and passionate.

However, they’re certainly also obsessed with competition and can be a bit aggressive or impulsive. If you’re a fiery Aries, you’re probably like Wil Wheaton.

Taurus – Leonard Hofstadter

Leonard is this zodiac sign through and through. This earth sign is known for being practical, reliable, and totally devoted. He’s all of these things, but he’s also pretty stubborn and possessive.

This is a stable sign focused on realism. They’re loyal like no other, and all of these things make Leonard a pretty true Taurus – and one of our favorites on the show.

Gemini – Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy certainly represents this sociable, yet serious, zodiac sign. This air sign is gentle and curios, but also really quick-witted and sociable. Amy is great at being friendly and serious, depending on what the situation dictates.

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Like Amy, this sign can also be a bit nervous and indecisive, but they’re always affectionate and caring. This intelligent woman is definitely a Gemini.

Cancer – Raj Koothrappali

Raj sitting at Leonard and Sheldon's place in The Big Bang Theory

Raj is the sweetest friend on this show, and he certainly is also the most emotional and sensitive character. This sign is known for being these things, but also for being imaginative, loyal, and tenacious.

Of course, Raj can also be a bit moody and insecure, which are definite downfalls of this sign. Any Cancer can certainly relate to this lovable character.

Leo – Penny

Penny is the confident, hilarious, and generous character that represents this sign. This zodiac sign is known for being creative, passionate, and cheerful. They’re natural leaders and have dominant personalities.

Like Penny, all Leos have good humor, warm hearts, and an attractive vibe that lets them get along with everyone. This is definitely Penny, and all Leos can relate to this lovable character.

Virgo – Leslie Winkle

This sign is known for being methodical, analytical, and hardworking. They can often be overcritical, of themselves and of others, but they also do have a tender side – it’s just usually closed off to others.

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Leslie is super vigilant, smart, and careful. She’s well-organized and practical, and pretty misunderstood by others. However, she responds with wit and humor.

Libra – Priya Koothrappali

priya in Sheldon and leonard's appartment

A Libra is known for being pretty social and gracious, but they also certainly carry grudges and don’t like to be alone too much. They like material things, but also love people.

This sign likes diplomacy and fairness, and this social being certainly hates loud people and people who conform for the sake of doing so. If you’re a Libra, you’re Priya.

Scorpio – Howard Wolowitz

Howard is certainly a character – full of passion and enthusiasm.  This zodiac sign is known for being stubborn, but also for being a true and loyal friend. They’re often secretive or jealous, but this sign is also super expressive and determined.

Howard is totally strong in who he is, and definitely follows suit with the core traits of this water sign. A Scorpio would relate well to Howard.

Sagittarius – Bernadette Rostenkowski

Bernadette in a blue top and glasses looking at the camera

This fiery character certainly reflects this witty, generous, and energetic sign. This sign is known for being super curios and open-minded, but they’re certainly also impatient and blunt.

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Bernadette is caring and extroverted, but we’d hate to get on her bad side. She’s determined and smart, and this hilarious character will tell it how it is at all times.

Capricorn – Sheldon Cooper

1 sheldon

This sign is known as the most hardworking, disciplined, and intelligent. Of course, the negatives of this sign are that they can be a know-it-all and unforgiving.

These are all Sheldon, and he’s certainly also pretty traditional and serious. Of course, this practical character is also loyal and loving to those closest to him. He’s a Capricorn through and through.

Aquarius – Mary Cooper

Sheldon’s mother is definitely opposite to her son. She’s independent and energetic, but she’s also super smart and cares deeply for others.

This zodiac sign is known for having fun while still being helpful to others. They’re great listeners, and their intelligent is surprising. This is Mary Cooper, who makes a perfect mom and a great Aquarius.

Pisces – Stuart Bloom

Stuart is almost a Pisces in disguise. This sign is known for being super friendly, which, while Stuart is an introvert, he cares so deeply about his friends and hates being alone.

Like this sign, Stuart is also super gentle and compassionate, while definitely also being overly trusting and fearful of a lot of things. This selfless character is caring and faithful – a true Pisces.

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