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The Big Bang Theory: How Raj Was Finally Able to Talk To Women

For the longest time, Raj couldn't speak to women without getting drunk - until he suddenly could in The Big Bang Theory season 6. But how?

After years of not being able to talk to women without consuming alcohol, Raj’s (Kunal Nayyar) selective mutism was suddenly cured in The Big Bang Theory – but how? While the rest of the gang found their respective partners, Raj remained single until the very end of the CBS hit sitcom. He did have some issues talking to girls in the early seasons until it was revealed at the end of season 6 that he can freely talk to the opposite sex without getting drunk first.

Raj dated many girls over the years, but he struggled finding the perfect lady to spend his whole life with – partly because of his selective mutism, as well as his extremely shy persona. In the final season of The Big Bang Theory, he finally sought the help of his father, asking to match him up with someone as he grew more paranoid of ending up being alone, especially on the heels of Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy’s (Mayim Bialik) wedding. He’s introduced to Anu (Rati Gupta) – a successful concierge who is driven and no-nonsense. After an initial conflict, the pair decided to get engaged, but they ultimately broke it off in the middle of planning their wedding. In the end, Raj is the only main cast member who didn’t have a partner, although he’s come a long way from his more timid days as he’s finally able to strike up a conversation with women without having a nervous break down.

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This all started when Raj overcame his inability to converse with ladies without getting alcohol in his system first. In the first few seasons of The Big Bang Theory, he wasn’t able to talk freely if women were part of the conversation. He had to whisper what he wanted to say to any of the boys who would deliver his message for everyone to hear. This went on for years until in the season 6 finale titled “The Bon Voyage Reaction,” when everybody realized that Raj can suddenly talk to Penny (Kaley Cuoco) despite being sober. The Big Bang Theory didn’t explain how this happened, but there were some factors in his life at that point that helped him overcome this difficulty.

Raj-And-Lucy big bang theory

Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Sheldon, and Howard (Simon Helberg) becoming romantically involved meant that Raj had to hang out with Penny, Amy, and Bernie (Mayim Rauch) as much as his male friends. As someone who wasn’t used to being around women, having additional three female friends who weren’t potential love interests helped him relax in their presence. Gradually, he became comfortable with them hanging around, helping him ease his queasiness when he was around other women.

While this played a part in overcoming his selective mutism, the clincher, however, was Raj’s first real heartbreak in The Big Bang Theory. After developing a genuine attraction to Lucy (Kate Micucci), Raj was understandably devastated when she decided to end things with him because she felt too pressured when he wanted to introduce her to his friends. After moping for a while, he eventually accepted the reality of their break-up. With that came the realization that women aren’t that scary, as Raj was able to move forward with his life despite the split. From that experience, he emerged to be more confident about himself as he tried dating more actively again.

The reality is, alcohol didn’t really help Raj loosen up when it came to approaching women. His friends knew this as seen in The Big Bang Theory season 2 episode 17 titled “The Terminator Decoupling” where the boys revealed that drinking only had a placebo effect on him. It was a psychological battle for him more than anything else. So while he remained single by the time the sitcom ended, chances are that he’ll be able to find his life partner one day.

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