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Kiss, Marry, Kill: The Big Bang Theory Edition

The Big Bang Theory was so successful in large part due to its dynamic cast of characters, and here's who fans would choose to kiss, marry, or kill!

The Big Bang Theory spanned a total of 12 seasons beginning in 2007, and fans were in love with the premise of the show. The nerdy characters and their strange interactions with the outside world was a new type of comedy that didn’t compare to anything else. Fans enjoyed this show even more than their childhood games of “Kiss, Marry, Kill” where they would choose the fates of three different people, things, or fictional characters.

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This list seeks to combine these two beloved things into one as the fates of the characters in this show are decided. It is often hard to make a decision when it comes down to three favorites, but a decision has to be made. Keep reading to learn the fates of some of the characters from The Big Bang Theoryin this edition of “Kiss, Marry, Kill!”

Kiss: Leonard Hofstadter

Leonard was usually the man with common sense and enough game to land Penny as a wife, but his constant whining led fans to only give him a kiss rather than actually marry him. This probably stems from how his mother raised him with an unloving attitude, as it often highlights his insecurities about himself. This character also showed he couldn’t be trusted, as he revealed that he cheated on her and even read her diary without her permission, so a kiss is the way to go.

Marry: Rajesh Koothrappali

Rajesh is an astrophysicist with a heart bigger than anyone else on the show, which is why fans would choose to marry him, despite his difficulty with talking to women. He also comes from money, and, although oblivious at times, his loyal attitude makes him the perfect candidate. He did end up alone in the series, but his ability to work to make changes to his life meant he would not be alone forever.

Kill: Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon raising his eyebrows in surprise in The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon was always the most annoying one in the entire friend group, which is why fans would choose to kill him. He wasn’t into personal affection, so a kiss would be out of the question, and marriage would be unbearable. This character was the highlight of the show for many, but his ability to be condescending and his need to win every argument is what made this an easy choice.

Kiss: Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz

Bernadette in a blue top and glasses looking at the camera

Bernadette was very pretty, and it led Howard Wolowitz to tie the knot with her and make some wonderful children. Fans would choose to only give her a kiss, as her high-pitched voice and passive-aggressive nature was too much for them to handle.

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It would be fine for a time, but no one wants a wife who always has to have her way no matter the consequences it has on others. She had her moments early on, but her character arc took a dive in the last seasons that led to this decision.

Marry: Amy Farrah Fowler

Not many liked this character at first, but she soon grew on fans as the series progressed due to her constant improvement. She is similar to Sheldon in terms of her social skills, although she is very loyal to her friends and Sheldon. This character becomes more laid back as time progresses due to her greater understanding of other people’s feelings and her reactions to them in these situations.

Kill: Penny Hofstadter

penny in the big bang theory

Penny was a gorgeous blonde that served as the beauty to offset the brains of the boys. Unfortunately, we imagine that some fans would choose to kill her off because she was basically a freeloader who expected things to be done and bought for her. Her attitude also didn’t improve as the series dragged on, and it became more apparent how incompatible she was with Leonard.

Kiss: Captain Sweatpants

Not much is known about Captain Sweatpants other than the fact that he is often seen in the comic book store. He is always seen in sweatpants and a superhero t-shirt, which some might see as a turnoff, but many fans would still choose to give him a kiss.

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His relaxed look says he doesn’t care what other people think as he enjoys his hobbies and live his life the way he wants. He has this mysterious cloud that follows him wherever he goes that makes him the one fans would desire t0 give a kiss.

Marry: Missy Cooper

Missy Cooper in The Big Bang Theory

Missy Cooper is Sheldon’s fraternal twin sister, and she has all of the qualities that Sheldon is missing. She is often a sight for sore eyes, she stands up for herself, and she’s always very proud of her family. The combination of all of these things make her perfect for marriage, which is part of the reason why Sheldon’s colleagues were obviously smitten with her.

Kill: Beverly Hofstadter

Sheldon beverly hofstadter.v1

Beverly Hofstadter is Leonard’s mom, but also a vile woman who fans would choose to kill. She comes across as cold-hearted and full of bitterness, especially when she talks to her own son. This character had a very bright mind, but her inability to love her own child and care for him as a mother left him with a multitude of unresolved problems.

Kiss: Leslie Winkle

Leslie Winkle with her hands on her waist

Leslie Winkle was a fan favorite who disappeared from the show, and fans would choose to give her a kiss. She wasn’t suitable for marriage, as it was her way or the highway, and she wasn’t into any long-term commitment, to begin with. Her promiscuous nature and dedication to her job led to this decision by fans, as any other option just wasn’t plausible.

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