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Prospect compared to Floyd Mayweather – not for Teddy Atlas

Teddy Atlas was not on board with Floyd Mayweather being mentioned in the same breath as an up-and-coming prospect.

The former Mike Tyson coach let rip at the commentators on the channel he used to work for after they compared a prospect to The Great One.

Like many of us, Atlas settled in to watch the action as the heavyweight force Jared Anderson took on Charles Martin.

After viewing some of the UFC on offer, Atlas eventually switched over the network to ESPN. There he found Abdullah Mason fighting Alex De Oliveira.

The 19-year-old southpaw got his ninth career victory against an opponent who dropped to 20-5 via a second-round technical knockout.

However, Atlas was astonished at what he heard from the announcement team.

Teenager compared to Floyd Mayweather

“Mason vs De Oliveira. As I figured more cannon fodder for Top Ranks prospects. Joke,” said a skeptical Atlas.

“Can we be a bit honest and put things into context a little before we anoint Mason a ‘Great’ fighter? Let him fight someone with a pulse.”

Atlas then took exception to Mayweather’s name being thrown around with a lightweight prospect yet to have ten professional fights.

“Comparing him to Floyd Mayweather? Really? Perhaps he could wait until he’s actually in with at least a bit of a test. Just a bit.

“So if they say that Mason looks like Floyd, then I guess after Anderson destroys Martin, they will call him Joe Louis?”

Turning his attention to the main event, Atlas continued in the same vein reservations about what was to come.

“These commentators are surely working hard to make us believe that Martin has a good chance. But the truth is he was chosen because he doesn’t,” quipped Atlas as Anderson vs Martin was about to begin.

I’ve already wasted time watching these mismatches. So I’ll wait for this and hope I’m wrong. I doubt it.”

Anderson vs Martin main event

The ring walk started with Anderson walking in with a dog costume on alongside his friend Shakur Stevenson. It’s safe to say Atlas wasn’t impressed.

“Wow, everyone else is over the top. I guess the ring announcer figures he should be too. After watching that ring walk, I don’t know why Anderson even bothers. It feels like he’s already the next Ali, Louis, and Foreman all in one.”

The podcast host then watched the first few rounds but couldn’t help having another dig at what he was witnessing.

“Martin survived the first two rounds. Will he survive the third? Let’s see. Barely. But Anderson still doesn’t have me confusing him with Louis.

“They are working very hard to sell Martin as a test, but the truth is if Anderson is going anywhere, he should knock out this guy.”

After Anderson went the distance and then declared he didn’t want to stop Martin so he could get rounds, Atlas concluded his rant.

“How badly did they oversell Anderson as the next great [American] heavyweight?

“Remember, Martin is a guy who [Anthony] Joshua KO’d fast and easy to win the IBF title. He’s not great, but neither is Anderson.

“Do you think that just maybe this taught the announcers to pull back on the hype a bit with these guys they tout?

“Anderson won but isn’t going to make anyone confuse him with Joe Louis or even Jerry Lewis. Let these guys actually fight before you sell them as greats.

“When you over-hype them, you lose all your credibility, and people won’t believe you next time.

“Good night, all. I’m going to bed and going to dream of the days when we didn’t have to hype good fighters. They could fight without it.”

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