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Mike Tyson Left Tucker Carlson Shaken Once With His Response About Wanting to ‘Kill Opponents’

Mike Tyson is infamous for his fearsome persona. Arenas would fill up just to see Tyson fight his opponents because with Tyson you could always bet on him to knock out his opponent. However, what fans aren’t about is the fact that what was going through Tyson’s mind. Tyson once revealed about his mindset during when he sat down for an interview with the controversial Tucker Carlson. What’s more, Carlson admitted that his answer really made him nervous.

Tyson was so vicious during his prime that he has had over 44 knockouts in his professional career. What’s more, several of those knockouts were in the first round of the fight. Thus, there were several fighters who did not chose to fight him.

Tyson has often spoken about how his coach Cus D’Amato changed his perspective about fighting. Cus was not only a coach but he was also a part of Tyson’s family. Tyson recalled how Cus used to hypnotize him into becoming a vicious version of himself.

When Mike Tyson scared Tucker Carlson

Tyson once sat down for an interview with Tucker Carlson on the ‘Tucker Carlson Today’ show. During the interview Carlson asked Tyson about his mindset and what he thought about his opponents. Tyson’s reply really made the interviewer nervous and scared for his own safety.

Tyson said, “I wanted to kill them” Carlson replied, “Well, I can tell! “I’m laughing nervously.

Carlson got nervous as he could sense the killer instinct from the body language of Tyson as he answered. Just to be sure, Carlson asked once again to Tyson if he really meant about what he said. Not surprisingly, Tyson stuck to his guns and claimed that he really meant that. What’s more, Tyson also revealed an interesting insight about how fans demanded his ruthlessness.

Tyson claimed that fans demanded violence

The youngest heavyweight boxer of his time, Tyson claimed that the fans pushed him to be more ruthless in his fight. Tyson has over 50 wins in his career and this would not have been possible without the influence of Cus and fans throughout his career.

Tyson said, “The more you hurt them, the higher you go in life. That’s just my mentality. The more you hurt him, the more people will love you.

This provides great insight regarding the mindset of the former heavyweight boxing champion. Tyson revealed how he had a burning desire to crush the spirits of his opponent. It was his way of winning the mental warfare.

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