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The Big Bang Theory: Here’s Who The Cast Is Married To IRL

The romantic lives of the Big Bang Theory characters stole the show - but what about the romantic lives of the actors that play them?

The characters on The Big Bang Theory have been through a lot in 12 seasons. From relationships to scientific breakthroughs, they’ve all had their moments. At some point in the series, The Big Bang Theory became more about the characters’ romantic relationships than about the friendships or sciences. After all, fans had to see the outcome of Sheldon and Amy!

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While the characters all ended with successful romantic lives (eh, except for Raj), what about the actors and actresses who portrayed them? To see who the cast of The Big Bang Theory is married to or dating in real life, keep scrolling!

Kaley Cuoco Has A Farm With Hubby

Penny’s Kaely Cuoco was once married to tennis star Ryan Sweeting but realized they were going down different paths, leading to divorce. Shortly after the end of her marriage, Kaley began dating equestrian, Karl Cook. With Karl working closely with horses and Kaley’s love for animals, these two quickly became an animal-loving pair. In 2017, the two became engaged, and not even a year later, the duo was married.

If fans follow the couple on Instagram, they’ll see they’re the proud parents to dogs, horses, bunnies, pigs, and more!

Johnny Galecki Just Had A Baby With His Girlfriend

Johnny Galecki has been working in Hollywood since he was a child. It took him some time to find a true partner but he found that in his girlfriend Alaina Meyer. In the fall of 2019, Johnny and Alaina took to Instagram to share some glowing news: they were expecting!

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They shared some adorable images from their baby shower where it was revealed they were having a baby boy. In December of 2019, the pair welcomed their little one and share their love for him online as they grow as a family.

Jim Parsons Has Been With His Husband For Over 14 Years

After watching The Big Bang Theory, it’s clear the only person who could have played Sheldon was Jim Parsons. His portrayal of the awkward genius is far and beyond. While Sheldon had trouble committing to his girlfriend at the time, Jim is the complete opposite. He’s been with his husband, Todd Spiewak, since 2002! The pair got married in 2017 and show off their pet dogs online.

Kunal Nayyar Isn’t Lonely In Real Life

On The Big Bang Theory, Kunal plays Raj, who we all know is lonely and can’t find love. He’s had his parents set up relationships for him but they never worked out. And while everyone though Raj would end up with Anu in season 12, the series’ finale showed otherwise.

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In real life, Kunal doesn’t have the same relationship problems Raj has. He’s married to former beauty queen and fashion designer Neha Kapur Nayyar!

Kevin Sussman Is Finding Love Again

Kevin Sussman plays Stuart — the comic book store owner who is always down on his luck. The highs for his personal life was when he went on a few dates with Penny! Other than her (and his odd relationship with Howard’s mom), Stuart was consistently single throughout the show until the 12th season. In real life, Kevin Sussman was married to Alessandra Young for 11 years before getting divorced in 2017. On Instagram, he posted a cozy photo with a new woman back in December but there hasn’t been much news on his new romance life since then.

Melissa Rauch Is Happily Married To A Writer

Melissa Rauch plays the adorable Bernadette Rostenkowski Wolowitz. With a short stature and sweet, high-pitched voice, Bernadette can be both cute and cruel when she wants to be. What viewers may not know is that Melissa’s voice isn’t really that squeaky in real life; it’s all for the show. She’s also not married to a “sexy Buzz Lightyear” in real life. She’s married to a talented writer named Winston Rauch. The couple had their first child while Melissa was filming the show and just had her second child, a boy, during the Coronavirus outbreak, which she wrote an essay on for Glamour.

Mayim Bialik Is Recently Single

Mayim plays the incredibly witty and intelligent neuroscientist, Amy Farrah Fowler. While Mayim also has a love for science and has her own doctorate outside of acting, her life isn’t similar to Amy’s. The two women have different reactions and views on the world. Outside of portraying Amy, Mayim is the mother to two boys — Frederick and Miles. She was married to Michael Stone for 10 years before calling it quits but has since hit the dating scene. What’s refreshing about Mayim is she’s super authentic with her dating life and has no problems talking about her dating life or what made a relationship sizzle out.

Simon Helberg Has Worked Alongside His Wife

Simon Helberg does a phenomenal job of playing funky Howard Wolowitz. His delivery for his lines is comedy gold. In The Big Bang Theory, Howard is always looking for the next and brightest woman until he meets Bernadette. The two became a married couple of two kids. In real life, Simon is married to actress and director, Jocelyn Towne. The pair have been married since 2007, have two adorable children together, and have even worked together in different films.

Wil Wheaton Has A Long-lasting Marriage For Hollywood

Just like Johnny Galecki, Wil Wheaton has been an actor since he was a kid. They’re actually some of the few child actors who were consistently brilliant and stayed on track throughout their stardom. In The Big Bang Theory, Wil plays himself. Considering he played Wesley Crusher in Star Trek, his addition to the show made perfect sense. Oddly, his relationship status isn’t discussed in the show but Wheaton has married to hairstylist Anne Wheaton since 1999! The pair have two sons.

John Ross Bowie Is Married To Another Woman In The Industry

Alas, we’ve reached our final Big Bang Theory star. John Ross Bowie wasn’t a main character on the show but his character, Barry Kripke, would pop up every now and then since he worked at Caltech with the guys. Even though Kripke didn’t always get along with Sheldon, he was a beloved friend.

In the show, Kripke was single and always down to mingle. In real life, however, he’s been married to actress Jamie Denbo since 2004!

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